Amazing Grass Orange Creamsicle Review

Teri Jo from Amazing Grass sent me a sample of the new Orange Creamsicle flavor and the new shaker which is very cool.   First, I will tell you that I am on the subscribe and save with Amazon for the Kidz Superfood and the Chocolate Superfood flavors of Amazing Grass powder. I get them both monthly!  I use the kidz one and add it to smoothies and yogurt for Nick and the chocolate superfood to make hemp fudge and pancake dip by adding it to coconut oil. I'm obsessed with the stuff and love its benefits. 

Amazing Grass offers a Grass Heads program which I was unaware of - does anyone participate in this? Similar to amazon, you get a 15% discount, free shipping, a free t-shirt and special discounts.  The orders have a minimum of $60 and are sent out every 3 months. On your 4th shipment (so after 1 year) you get a free product. If it worked out to be the fourth month was free, it would be the same cost as amazon, but since it is every 3 months, the 4th shipment ends up to be one free item per year. Amazon is still cheaper, but what is nice about this program is that all products (protein bars, all flavors, etc) are available and you can get the discount on all products. Amazon is limited to the product offering.  If you are interested, use COUPON CODE 'grassheads' at checkout.

I'm not a huge orange person but I like trying different flavors in my daily smoothies. I repeat the same ingredients for the most part - spinach, almond milk and a frozen banana. I added in a scoop of the orange powder and it really gave the smoothie a great flavor!  It will not take the honors for my favorite flavor (chocolate does) but it is definitely a yummy flavor, especially if you are into orange.

Here are the benefits from the website (of all of their flavors by the way):
supports body alkalinity
boosts energy & immune system
vegan and gluten free
mixes well with juice, water or your favorite beverage
One serving = the antioxidant equivalent of 7 servings of fruits and vegetables.

Check out the ingredients:

It isn't available on amazon to date, but can be purchased for $27.99 at Amazing

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