Build-a-Sign Review & Giveaway

Megan from build a sign contacted me about doing a review of a product on the site. 

My Experience
I designed 2 signs and Megan made bumper stickers for me. The signs were really fun to create, you can customize the colors, the font, the design: basically everything to make it a personalized item.  The process was really fun and easy, & the signs and bumper stickers are fun. The sign is my favorite. I had seen Rae's sign and loved it and her's was my inspiration. This was a yard sign 18 x 24 made of corrugated plastic (one sided).  It is quality material and is estimated to cost around $25.  I am super psyched to look out for it at my races this spring! Megan designed the bumper stickers that say "I'd rather be running" and have my blog address at the bottom.

My Running Signs
running signs...

The company
All of the products are 100% guaranteed. The process is made to be easy with fast shipping.  It was a pleasure to work with them!

Megan has graciously provided me with 4 bumper stickers to giveaway. Want to win one?
Leave a comment below telling me what you would create at and how much you would be willing to pay for a large sign.  Ends on Saturday - winner to be announced on Sunday.


  1. I would make a sign for my family to hold at races. I'm kind of a cheapo. I'm sure $25 is reasonable for a sign, but I'm not sure I would spend it.

  2. I'm with Karen on that. I love the idea, but I'm not sure I'd pay for it. The bumper stickers are fun, too :)

  3. Very cool! I probably wouldnt pay for it though!

  4. That looks great!! Love it!!! If I ordered one, I'd have to get two. I'd pay $25.00 for two. Guessing that sounds prety cheap of me. Let me say they are just beautiful!!

  5. oooh, they turned out great! i've been meaning to make some your bumper sticker.

  6. That would be a great sight to see after x tough miles! I bet you guys had fun putting it all together. bumper stickers are cool too!
    Think I forgot to post - I prefer to do speeds or tempo on separate weeks usually unless i've built a really strong base and then my body can cope with the 2 for short periods. Please don't get up any earlier - you'll kill yourself off!