On training, vo2 max & vegan "vodka" sauce

I have been telling myself that I will sit down and make up a training plan for the upcoming races and haven't done it. Since my goal is to PR at Broad Street in 8 weeks, I'm trying to figure out how to fit in some triathlon training for the pool swim tri in 6 weeks. Honestly, I think I will bike a few times and that will be my first tri. I'm in great shape for the swim and decent running shape. After Broad Street, I can focus on the Philly tri - end of June- and try to get in an open water swim, but for now my main focus is a PR at Broad Street.
side tracked by this picture of my boy eating oat "cake" out of the PB jar

This week starts my 8 week training plan. I want to make it hard core. I feel like I have been working hard since coming back from being sick, both in the pool and on the run. In the pool, I feel like I am working hard all 3 days. Maybe I should tone that down to 2 for now with one easy day.  As far as the long runs, I want to get out there and crank out the miles and get home so they have been on the faster side.  My last two weeks of long runs have been moderate to hard efforts, and I've done both speed work and a tempo run as my other runs during the same week. I think I need to incorporate at least one or two easy runs if I am doing speed work and tempo - one can be the long run and then maybe a shorter day in between the other 2 workouts.  I can't decide if I should do speed work and a tempo run each week or maybe vary the tempo to every other week. Usually I use smart coach and they have me doing one or the other each week.  
What do you do?  What helped you to get fast? What's your ideal schedule?

My thoughts are to try to do both in the same week and see how it goes, then slow down my long runs a little bit and see how I'm doing.  I also want to make time for abs and lifting.. hmm..this could only mean getting up earlier to do so.

Monday - swim and abs
Tuesday -speedwork run
Wednesday - swim and arms
Thursday  - tempo run
Friday - swim and legs
Saturday - long run
Sunday - off

 The next challenge will be to find the time to bike. I think I'll try to fit in 2 bike rides of whatever the race distance is (oops, I don't even know) before the triathlon in April. Then in May and June I'll get in more to prepare for the longer bike ride in the Philly tri.  I'm not motivated for this at all. I just got the bike back from the store and it's ready to go!! 

One of the local colleges is doing trials for Max vo2 research. I'm not sure if I will do it - have you done it? I believe they are having anyone who participates pay for the results, so I'm not sure that I'm into giving up my time for it.

I'm a really bad food blogger. My pictures are terrible and probably don't make you want to make what I'm showing you but what can you do.

Vegan "Vodka" Sauce inspired by Sarah's recipes.

3 T nutritional yeast
1 1/2 c tomato sauce
1/3 c cashews
1/3 c almond milk or water
salt and pepper

In the blender, grind the cashews, then add water/milk until liquidy. Add all other ingredients and blend until smooth. I put this atop bowties and added mushrooms and black beans. It was tasty!


  1. The picture of Nick is really cute! Good luck on figuring out your training :-)

  2. What a great opportunity to get your V02 Max tested. Don't pass up the chance! I had it done at Georgia State University last year as part of a study, and wish I could get it done again to compare (not enough that I'd pay my own money though, lol).

    It'll help you better gauge the intensity you should be doing your workouts at.

  3. I just saw the part about them wanting you to pay for the results. What type of compensation are you getitng then? Lame.

  4. gahhhh nick! what a stud!!!!!!!

  5. Training plans are difficult. I think you are fine to do speed work Tuesdays, a tempo run Thursdays and a long run Saturday. I trained for 2 marathons following this plan! :) Get that bike in girl... you'll be happy you did when the tri comes around! :)

  6. I'm about to get my VO2 stuff analyzed in two weeks with Rothman's Performance Lab - should be interesting.

    If you're going to be in the OC area let me know - we can get some swim time in.