A bike and a nice morning

Abby offered to let me borrow her bike so today I met up and got her road bike. YAAAA! I'm so thankful and happy.  When we first decided to meet up - in a parking lot near a running path we met at before, I thought maybe we could do a short run together (with the stroller). But then I realized, the stroller takes up way too much room in the back. I'll probably never be able to fit the bike. So I didn't mention it to Abby. Then last night she asked if I wanted to try to run tomorrow. I really did! I did some measuring and thought the bike would be a close fit but Bill thought it would make it. So stroller in tow, we went to meet Abby to get the bike and go for a run. I had snacks for Nick, his trains, a doll for Kara, a blanket and Nick's water. I was half there at the time thinking if I had everything to make this run last as long as possible.  I told Abby that Nick would be touch and go and that his latest PR was about 15 minutes. I thought the snacks would help to extend and was hopeful to get in 2 miles.

We started off and Nick was quiet. After about 5 minutes he started saying something, probably "get out?"  I couldn't hear him - it was windy. I gave him a bag of cheerios and his gummy bear vitamins and he was quiet for the duration!  Poor Kara who is all stuffy had snot running all down her nose and wasn't too happy but she hung in there. We got in 3.4 miles running just over 32 minutes. Nick's new PR! It was so much fun and nice to catch up with Abby too. It has been a while! It felt so good to get out there and do what I like to do - instead of a kid activity - you know what I mean? Hopefully we can make it a regular thing.  I forgot to take a picture with all of the million things going on in my head (do I have Nick's trains? Is Kara warm enough? Do I have my car keys?.... )

I have had some issues with wind and I'm wondering - is it worth it to get one of those wind guards for the stroller? Does anyone have one? Would you recommend it? I feel like Nick would refuse to have that in front of him... I'm not sure.

Before that I made it over to Whole Foods - really big nice one out that way. I bought 2 coconut milks for 39 cents a container (niceeee) - 2 coupons, and a few other things with coupons. After I got in the car (Nick was a distraction during check out), I realized they shafted me out of $1 of coupons. Dude, I work HARD to cut those things out and find them so I'm not happy about that. I need to pay better attention during check out. The other day at Giant, a similar thing happened where the coupons weren't ringing up properly and the guy just put them away! Had I not said something, I would have lost out. Lesson learned: pay attention at checkout!!!

After the run, we went to the mall where there is a merry-go-round - Nick had a blast!! I also got a free pair of underwear at Victoria's Secret with the coupon they sent out recently. Niceeee!!  Really fun morning with bonus workout.  I swam with the fast people today and enjoyed it.  Not sure if I'll wake up and run with the fast people tomorrow :)

I'm really psyched about this bike!!!  Thank you Abby!

Random Question of the Day:  How long can you soak beans for? I soaked black beans in boiling water all day on Monday and still they seemed firm so they've been sitting in clean water since yesterday. Are they still good? ? ? ?


  1. Love the pictures! And great to see you today :)

  2. So funny: I read, I have been having problems with wind recently and though OOOOH poor you maybe I'll suggest peppermint tea!!!!!! LOL! Such an idiot.
    Yeah my buggy lets in the wind too and low sunshine blinds him!
    Glad you got in a run - totally know that feeling of: are they warm enough, do I have everything I need...... poor Kara! The sun will have done her good!
    Sounds like you had a lovely day.
    No clue or suggestions about the beans, but you def want to get that right or you will be having problems with wind!!! HAHAHA! Sorry, I'm a bit deliriously tired as just in from work (11pm) and just finding myself far too funny!

  3. gahhh nick is looking like a biggie boy and Kara is So cute!! :)

  4. Love the pics! Glad Nick stayed put for you!!! Isn't that the best feeling?!

  5. Good for you getting out for a run with the stroller. Good planning is key. Neither of mine would tolerate things like the wind guards/netting, etc. The snacks were my best strategy :)

  6. I love coconut milk! I read about the sale, I just need to get to the store to stock up again. It's great for my overnight oats. I haven't had trouble with coupons at far :-)

  7. There is a merry go round at the mall??!!! How do I not know this? So excited to hear that you got a bike.

  8. Do you still have the receipt? Next time you're at that one, see if they will give you the refund. And don't be shy - I'm not the best person for putting myself forward, but I've gone to their customer service desk when they forgot to give me my green bag refunds of 5c!!! :) It's still a saving!

  9. I have a wind/rain guard but dont run with it. When I put it on Brooke initially protests but it stops right away. If the kids are getting pelted in the face with wind I'd at least give it a shot ... they are great should a rainfall surprise you :)

  10. You had a workout before your workout. Ha, you must have felt like you were packing up for a Himalayan trek. That's awesome you have a bike to use for the season.

    You've caught onto the coupon game quickly.. Your supermarket will double coupons up to $1 in face value? I have coupon envy. Nice deals today!

    I have a some generic plastic rain cover I bought at Babies R Us, and it fits the BOB perfectly. I'm sure they have them for doubles too. It completely shields the kiddo on really windy days, and was much cheaper than the actual BOB cover.