Top Two for Tuesday

These are my 2 favorite things right now:

1- Garmin 405- how would I have done it without the Garmin? I love this thing!!

2 - Vitamix!
I just made pear/apple sauce by sticking some pears and apples in the vitamix. So easy and I love it - use it every day for nut butters, smoothies and baby food purees.

Bill got me both of these items! Vitamix for our 5th anniversary and Garmin for my birthday!

What are your top two items right now?


  1. Hands down my Garmin....It's like crack! I love it! As far as running goes I'm also very in love with my Nathan hand held water bottle!

    Way to go Bill!! I have had my eye on one of those vitamixers and now that our food processor died maybe it is in my future!

  2. I hadn't used my garmin for real in awhile, but Brent and I have been relying on it to make course maps for the race we're designing, and I didn't know all of the fun things it could do. Plugging it in to the computer and seeing all the routes is really fun!

  3. My Garmin for sure and my CEP compression socks...I would live in them if I could...

  4. I saw a Vitamix demo at a health expo recently - that thing looks incredible!!!! You're a lucky girl.

  5. my coffee press! Wish it was my monitor but i have yet to get motivated

  6. Love my garmin. still using the 305 tho

  7. my garmin 405 is my OTL