deal of the week at Giant food; sushi

This week at Giant (PA), there is a great deal on General Mill cereals.  I bought 4 boxes of 15 oz cheerios at $3.49 each (regular price). If you buy 4 boxes of any General Mills cereals,  you automatically get $6 off.  If you do the math so far, $14 - $6 = $8. Then, has an offer for $1 off any 2 boxes of General Mills cereals. I used two of them so I got 4 boxes of cereal for $6. At checkout, I received a coupon for a free gallon of milk up to $4.50, so in the end 4 boxes of cereals (if I redeem the coupon) will be $1.50.  37 cents a box. Great deal! I just thought of something though - if you are into the other flavors of cheerios - honey nut, apple cinnamon, etc, you can get a better deal. Coupons. com has 55 cent off coupons for 1 box, so if you buy 4 of those and use 4 coupons which will be doubled up to a dollar, you can basically get 4 boxes of cereal for $4 but when you add in the milk, all of it free! Check it out if you have Giant by you and eat cheerios!

Today's shopping trip at Wegmans - I saved $11 and then hit Giant for the Cheerios deal.
 New things to try: Garbanzo flour & Buckwheat Flour.
Other deals I got: Almond Milk, Muir Glen Tomatoes.

Remember here are the sites that I have been checking out before shopping:

Money Saving Mom
Organic Deals
Saving Naturally
Health E Savers
For the Mommas

Coupon Mom
Organic Coupons
Whole Foods 

And don't forget to enter my giveaway!! 

Yesterday at a family playdate my aunt served vegetarian sushi - it had spinach and asparagus in it. It was sooo good and I never liked sushi before because of the seaweed being too rough = gross to me.
This was really good so at Wegman's today I picked up their brown rice veggie roll (160 calories for all of that?) and I can't wait to eat it for lunch. I've already eaten 3 of them. At 10:30am. Oops.

Do you eat sushi? Is it a full lunch? Dinner? What do you eat with it? What is your favorite kind?


  1. I love sushi! Because of the meds I take for my RA, I'm not really supposed to eat raw fish, but on occasion, I take the risk and go with my favorites - salmon and tuna. So good. Other times, I stick with a basic California roll, which uses cooked crab. I know some places will make a veggie California roll with just avocado, cucumber & carrots. Very yummy!

  2. Great finds! I have never eaten sushi.

  3. Sushi is by far my favorite food! It was great when I was pregnant because I could buy the cooked sushi from Webmans. I also love to gorge on sushi at Minado which is a Japanese buffet.

  4. ok, we had a similar deal on cereal today! in the end i bought 12 boxes (i know) of various cereals for $22...$1.83 a box not bad...except then i saw your math and $0.37 a box is a lot better!

  5. I love sushi but can't eat the soya sauce that comes with them so usually prefer to take it home and have them with my tamari soy sauce which is wheat free.
    Coupon crazy shopping - I'm not sure coupons are such a big thing over here but maybe I'm wrong.

  6. Great deals!!! Couponing can be so addictive!! Don't you just love Money Saving Mom?! I could eat sushi for every meal of the it! My fav is absolutely spicy tuna...was craving it my whole pregnancy but no raw fish for the bambino!! I love it!!!