post race thoughts and race schedule

How cool is it that Laurel emailed me and had a friend whose husband finished right at the same time as me and I was in the pictures?!!!  What caption would you put based on my expression for these pictures? See that hill behind me? You can't even SEE the bottom of it. Heartbreak hill.

just get me to the finish !!!



Ahh.. a flat course and I can do sub 1:45... thinking about signing up for a local half, but it is Memorial Day weekend - too hot maybe?  And I don't know my plans for Memorial Day yet... kind of wish it wasn't a holiday weekend.  The Oddyssey one?  (for anyone local - thoughts?) I think I'll just do it since my goal for 2011 was run the fastest half marathon that I can. Then I will have 3+ tries to do it. My main race is the Philly Distance Run in September for my half marathon challenge and I plan to run the Philly Half in November too.

Should I sign up for a marathon on May 15? 2 weeks after Broad Street? That's 7 weeks away and in 3 weeks is the first tri I'm doing and then June 26 is the Olympic distance tri. Can I train hard enough to do a marathon at a quality time? Probably not.. focus on the half and Oly tri... but it's crossed my mind a couple of times.

I feel decent today. I didn't get enough sleep last night and got up to go swimming. I kind of knew I should rest but wanted to go since I'm only swimming twice a week now (spin class the 3rd day).  I am TIRED and will probably nap!  I am also ready to eat house today. I'm always hungry the day after a race or hard long run.  I think I am going to pass on the group speedwork tomorrow and do an easy run and maybe try for the tempo with the group on Thursday depending how I feel.

What does your week after the race look like training wise?

Kara was proud

and loved having a teether for a moment

breakfast this morning!

Race schedule - trying to hit all of the distances this spring and I need a 10K :) 
April 17 - sprint Tri
April 23- 5k
May 1-  Broad Street! 10 miler
end of May maybe - half

June 26 - Olympic Tri
September - Philly rock and roll half
October - Marine Corps Marathon
November - Philly half


  1. I did my first ever 5K this weekend. It made motivated enough to want to do another one, so I guess it wasn't too bad! I've been a bit sore and hungry since Saturday though!

  2. If you want flat, come to FL for a race! Of course, the prinicple racing season is now over here and we're heading into the "off" season for FL, but everything here is flat, flat, flat!

  3. Great pics!

    I find it's a good idea to sleep on any big decisions for at least a few days after a race... just to make sure it's not the post-race endorphins deciding for you. :)

    Looks like a good plan and I have no doubt that sub-1:45 is within reach!

  4. i want to run a 1:45 TOO!!!! :)