Mama gets a PR! (the long version)

Thanks for the support and encouragement!!  Caesar Rodney Half Marathon
(Wilmington, DE)

1:47:13/ 13.1 miles/ 8:10 pace
32 degrees at the start - clear, sunny day - great weather!

Here were my goals:
1 - beat my current PR of 1:53
2 - Sub 1:50
3- my fall goal is 1:45 so see how close I could get
and beat my sister's time of last week (1:48) hehe

pre-race: nut ball (cashews, maple syrup, oatmeal), granola bar (homemade), a couple swigs of coffee, water and a scoop of PB :)
mile 6: took 2 recovery e21 tablets
gatorade and water along the course

I am happy with my time - I didn't feel like there was any point where I was completely dying or not giving 100%. I went out a bit faster than planned but I felt like I was going a comfortable pace until I saw the pace. I have been doing 9:30s for the 1st mile of a long run. I was able to stay even paced until mile 7, when the hills hit!  I don't know what happened during mile 8 and 9 except hills, but I will tell you from mile 5 on, I had my game face on. I was already tired and somewhat worried I went out way too fast. I was looking straight ahead and focused and determined to keep up my pace. I was not smiling at anything, and too focused/tired to change my playlist or do anything but run. Usually I thank the volunteers, smile at people and thank fans too, there was none of that going on.  Once I hit the hills and miles 7-9, I was not looking at my watch, just doing the best that I could to give it all I had.  I played a little game of catching up to certain people, usually by the color of their shirt or someone that I kept seeing over and over. That helped! I wish I could go back to those middle miles and push a little harder to keep the low 8 pace, it messed up my pace!  Damn those hills!

My sister surprised me and came to run with me! She ran with me the first 5 miles and then joined back in for the last 3 or 4. After she stopped running with me, I pumped up the volume on my music and when we started running together again, I couldn't talk to her. I was seriously focused on finishing the race and the only energy that I had my body was using!  It was so nice to have her there: there is nothing like having company when you go to a race alone (and packet pick up is that morning). I had an hour to kill before the race began so it was so nice that my sister was with me! Also, when you finish a race and run a good time, so nice to have someone there to share it with! Thanks Kimp!

8:15 mile 1
8:03 mile 2
8:03 mile 3
8:02 mile 4
8:03 mile 5
8:01 mile 6
8:18 mile 7 hills begin
8:46 mile 8
8:22 mile 9
8:02 mile 10
8:10 mile 11
8:02 mile 12
7:58 mile 13 almost done! rock out!
8:22  the last 0.1  The last 1/4 mile(ish) was a SERIOUS UPHILL to the finish

What is the difference between moving time and elapsed time? Water stops? I bet the serious runner doesn't make water stops. Next time I'll wear my belt. I stopped at 3 water stops, mile 6, 8 and 10ish.  I have stopped using GU, gels and shot blocks recently, finding that I don't need them for a run less than 2 hours. I'll use them again for marathon training, but I tried out the e21 and it seemed to help!

Thoughts: totally wish I could have kept the low 8's pace and hit 1:45 - think I could do it on a flat course, and now I want to find one for after Broad Street.  Broad Street is in 5 weeks and that is THE race I've been training for.  I have some work to do if I want to hit my goal of 1:15 which is 7:30 pace.  I've determined that the next 5 weeks are going to be HARD CORE. I need to lose a few pounds; I have put on a few since being sick last month and I feel it. And after my PMS session that lasted 2 weeks - my goodness, I just feel thick around the middle. I want to be in 100% awesome shape and have strong training under my belt. The last 2 weeks I have hit 33 and 34 miles, highest in a long long time. I am going to keep my mileage up, hit the tempo runs and speedwork, and get ready to meet my goal at Broad Street.

 Thank you to Bill for watching the kids this morning! While it's so nice to see them at the finish,there's something to be said to finish the race and get to hang out and eat food and chill and be worrying about nap and feeding times and putting the kids first :)

Also thank you to Enrique - your song "I like it" is my power song right now. It came on at mile 10 when I really needed it.  : )


  1. This was just the start of a great racing season. I'm sure there will be many more PR's to come.

    Haha, Caesar Rodney was my very 1st half marathon (2000). I finished in 1:59 and swore I was never doing another one again.

    Way to show that hill who's boss.

  2. Awesome job! Nothing like finishing a race with a lot of goals met and a PR under your belt ;)

  3. wahoooo! we have the same 1/2 marathon PR!!!! :)

  4. Way to go!!!!!!! worked hard for this and you deserve the great fruits of your labor. I hope this sets you up for an awesome year! You Rock!

  5. congrats!!! stay focused and you'll nail broad street!!

  6. Awesome job on a tough course!

  7. Congrats again!!! You have been working really hard so enjoy the victory! I hate hills too...they are pace killers!

  8. WOW! Congrats on an awesome race. I did this half 2 yrs ago and the hills killed me. If you run a flat half, I bet you will definitely break 1:45.

  9. Congrats!! VERY impressive pace- wow. You nailed it!

  10. Congrats and thanks for the song rec. I need a new power song for my upcoming race on Sat!

  11. Fantastic!!! I am especially impressed with how close you came to your goals. Sounds like you really have your training in sync right now. I'll be way behind you on Broad Street! :-)

  12. Great job on such an awesome PR!

  13. CONGRATULATIONS! You smoked it. Brutal to have a steep climb to the finish.

  14. wow....awesome!!! that elevation chart was nuts!!! eye on the prize!!! way to go!!!!

  15. Great race report! You definitely rocked it and with all those hills... definitely have a 1:45 in you! Congrats!

  16. Awesome!! Congrats! You really rocked that race. I'm so encouraged to shoot for a sub 1:50 half sometime after this baby is born ;)