Long run, PR'ing, biking

For today's long run, the goal was 6 miles at 8:30 (goal race pace) and 2-4 easy, total 8-10 miles. I woke up not feeling like running so I told myself I'd just do 8 miles knowing that if I was running with the group, I'd probably do 10 anyway. It was the same route as 2 weeks ago, and similar to last week too -  a hilly 6 mile loop of Valley Forge Park and then out and back on the river trail. 2 weeks ago I did about 12.5, last week I did the second part on the bike path and did about 13.5 and today I ended up with 11 miles. Here is how my attempted race pace middle miles turned out:
the river trail is so scenic and pretty!

rain took over the area in front of the parking lot and some geese took advantage of this

warmup 9:29, 8:42
 6 miles at 8:30 (goal): 8:26, 8:40(very hilly), 8:30, 8:58 (running over the bridge always kills me), 8:32
cooldown: 9:06, 9:01, 8:53

Average pace was 8:49 which was the same as last week's run and a little slower than 2 weeks ago. While my goal pace for this 1/2 marathon coming up in my mind is 8:30, I was thinking today that I'm probably looking at around 8:40's.  My PR is 1:53 and 1:53:50 is an 8:42 pace.  Kind of a bummer.. maybe I'll run faster at the race though than in training runs. We'll have to see.  I reached 33 miles this week, highest weekly mileage in a LONGGGGG time.

So here is Abby's bike:

I haven't been out for a real ride yet, but did go around my complex a couple of times. I'm kind of afraid to go on the roads, and to get it in the car requires me to take out a carseat (kind of a pain). I was training to put it on the trainer and I don't know how with this lever in silver pictured. Anyone want to help me out with that? In addition, I have questions. For running, they tell you to dress like it's 20 degrees warmer. For biking, is it the opposite? I was FREEZING with the wind blowing at me! I know I would have eventually warmed up, but what's the temperature rule for biking? Also, I think I have about 3-4 weeks till the pool swim triathlon - will adding in one spin class a week be sufficient do you think (or one outdoor ride if I can swing it) to get me through 10 hilly miles on the course?
 I'm thinking of cutting back on one swim day and adding a bike there.


  1. don't know what kind of trainer you have? for mine, i lift that lever up to replace the existing skewer with one that fits the trainer. sounds like you should ask someone who can show wouldn't want the wheel to fall off!

  2. Oh, I miss that area! VF is such a beautiful park! On the bike--I'd get in as much as possible 'cause it carries so much weight in a tri.

  3. My trainer came with a different piece to use with it. I usually dress warmer for a bike ride since the wind blows so much!

  4. what a beautiful park the water is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Sounds like your running is going well! And I know in a race enviornment you will run faster! Trust your training! You got this!
    Looks like the kiddos are getting so big! Hope all is well!

  6. It's most important to be fit on the bike for the triathlon. Ride Twice a week if you can arrange it!

  7. I would wear lots of layers on the bike. The wind is always worse when you're riding, but the hills will warm you up fast!

  8. Of course I'm going to tell you to bike more, but I know how limited you probably are on time and quite frankly... you have the fitness to be fine. If you aren't looking to totally rock the bike, you should be fine with once a week. :)

    Great job on the run - I think you'll definitely run faster in the race... that always happens!

  9. sounds like a solid run w/ race pace miles, and valley forge is tough. i'll have to keep an eye out for you, i've been training there all winter to get ready for boston.