week before the race training

So this isn't the race that I'm hard core training for - it's just a tune up for Broad Street and I also wanted to see where I am and what I need to do to meet my goal at Broad Street.  My legs have been pretty tired and last week I was kind of feeling blah so I am not going to train super hard this week.  My big question will be whether or not to do speedwork on Tuesday at the track - would you?  Anything you'd incorporate into your week?

Monday - Swim
Tuesday - track or easy??
Wednesday - Spinning
Thursday -  easy run
Friday - swim
Saturday - easy run or rest
Sunday - race day

Congrats to my sis who ran a 1:48 PR today at the Shamrock Half Marathon! Wow, I'm jealous!


  1. don't have to do speedwork at the track, but a bit of faster running the week before the race is good b/c it creates muscle tension which you want for the race. I would also add in some strides (like 4 x 30 seconds) the day before the race and in warm up on the day.

    And to answer your other question- spin class would likely be higher quality than what you would do on the trainer on your own... so do the spin class! and work it hard.

  2. The week before a race I like to incorporate some "strides" (very short bursts of speed) in my easy runs, just to keep the legs moving - but it's not enough to tired you out.

  3. I agree with marlene! strieds are good but i wouldnt do a huge speed workout either!