Not for the faint of heart

Happy 30th birthday to my brother today!!! He's in San Diego and I miss him.

Remember the brownies I made a few days before I went into labor with Nick (for any of you who have been reading that long!)?  A few months later I made them for my friend Julie and I call them labor brownies now. I didn't make them before I had Kara, but I made them again last night for Julie's second baby due any day now. Holy S*%#.   I made them around 7pm last night and had one of them. I swear that my heart was racing and I could not go to sleep!  These were the full fledged normal recipe - how long has it been since I've made something normal, I am not sure. My body couldn't handle it!  Think good thoughts that these move things along and Julie's baby comes along this week.

FIRST SPIN CLASS this morning! I decided I need to make time for the bike, so my goal is 2x/week. I got in extra yardage in the pool on Monday and skipped swimming for spin class this morning. Wow, spinning has come a long way! Last time I went over 5 years ago at a different gym, it was just a bike. These bikes were pretty sweet and complete with a thing that tracks mileage, speed, etc. I couldn't figure out how to change from KM to miles but I was doing the math in my head. I did 17.5 km in 37 minutes. Is that decent?  My legs are kind of tired, but it felt good (except my butt - I hate that)! The race in a few weeks is a 10 mile bike so I should be fine on that, I just want to work on my speed and not suck at the bike since my swim and run are strong.

Yesterday I opted to do an easy run. After 2 miles warmup though, I got bored and added in mild speedwork. I did 2 x 1 minute fast, then 4 x 1/4 mile fast, 2 x 1/2 mile fast, then 1 x 1 mile fast. It felt good. I got in 9 miles yesterday and 4 after biking this morning. For the rest of the week - an easy 7 tomorrow, swim on Friday and an easy 2 on Saturday, then Sunday is the race! I need to make sure I stretch and rest my legs the rest of the week.

I just experienced the longest and worst PMS for seriously 2 weeks. I wanted chocolate every day and I was eating weird stuff - like veggie meatballs and sushi at like 8am... knew I couldn't be pregnant with the level of intensity I've been able to do, but was thinking, what the H is going on!!


  1. Those look heavenly! I'm spinning this am as well!

  2. Oh my goodness, where is this recipe? This week is my self-proclaimed week of slackerhood. One,or three, of those would be the perfect dessert tonight.

    Reading back on your old posts, I still find it so impressive how long you ran with both your pregnancies.

  3. First PMS post Kara by any chance?

    Yeah spinning is a goooood workout.

    Choc brownies look awesome!

    Was hoping to spin today but Murray is not well so is stuck on me like glue. Better pick him back up as he's yelling already!

    be you'll do fine at the tri.

  4. You know you really shouldn't tempt a pregnant lady with pictures of delicious looking brownies at 8:15am. There is no way I'm going to make it through the day without some sort of chocolate fix. The thing is, I'm trying to avoid chocolate like the plague. Maybe I'll have to have a peanut butter & chocolate almond milk smoothie tonight or something.

    The brownies looks devine though!

  5. I wish I had known about those brownies when I was 10 days pass due with Zach!

  6. Oh man I am drooling just looking at the pic! Those look amazing!

    I love to spin! I looked into becoming a certified instructor before I got pregnant. After Em I reignighted my love affair with running and haven't found a good spin class here. It is such a killer workout though!

  7. oh I'm thinking I need to make these brownies too LOL

  8. Did you stop breastfeeding? I know when I weaned Norah off the breast and had my first period post-baby it was like Holy Hell. And I think I had a good strong 2 week PMS bout before the actual period arrived.

    I think the hormonal re-adjustment is a doozy for most women.

  9. hahah I love your labor brownies, and yess I know how you feel I had the same thing where I craved everything chocolate for 2 weeks straight, thank goodness thats over!

  10. Ive been wanting to try spin! i need to get on it!

  11. i actually don't get PMS. the only thing that happens is there's a short amount of time where i don't want to talk to anyone and i'm real quiet. which is a shocker for me.

  12. Oh man - those brownies look sooo good right now. The moving stress is getting to me! (And funny enough that you mention where your brother is - I'm moving just north of San Diego!)