The honeymoon???

So, the 2nd trimester is supposed to be the honeymoon phase. Uh huh. I can't say I agree, and if it is only going to get worse, it should be interesting. Mainly, I am lucky that I can still do what I'm doing, but running has been difficult. And getting indigestion everyday at around 2pm is yucky!!! I switched to the afternoons and that worked for me this past week, but I miss the high that I have all day long when I run in the early am.

Yesterday we went crib shopping. Fun but tiring, I'm not a shopper and would rather be given a checklist and mark things off. And also at the same time, have a stork come and deliver us a surprise baby with our genes. No childbirth. No pregnancy. How great would that be? And so fair!

Today I wanted to do a long run. 12-16 miles. The schedule that I found for Philly said 16, but I wasn't that optimistic- I thought a 2 hour run would do. Usually I do long runs on Saturday morning, but I decided to run short on Saturday and run long Sunday since I ran Friday evening. I regretted Sat all day long that I hadn't done my long run - I just wasn't feeling happy and needed my fix. I ran late in the day on Sat. Sun, I tried to start around 9am and had the side stitch I've been getting, so I stopped after a mile. I held off and went to the gym with Bill around noon. I ran but it was not comfortable. I got in 4 miles. I was not in a good mood, as I wanted to run long! I waited until after the Giants game to attempt running again and still had the stitch going on, but ran 7 miles. So I got in a total of 12 miles but they were not fun or pretty. I felt better when it was all done, but not thrilled. Tomorrow I go to the doctor to ask about this weird pain/stitch going on in the same place where I feel the baby at night moving around, and my many other questions, including if I can fly to watch my sister run her first marathon right around 35-36 weeks in Florida!

week 21 summary
Monday - yoga- stretchy - no good
Tuesday - 7 miles (9:17 pace)
Wednesday - 8.15 miles (9:16 pace)
Thursday -elliptical, lift, bike
Friday - 8 miles combined around 9:20 pace
Saturday - 3 miles (10:00 pace) and some yoga
Sunday - 12 miles combined around 10 min mile pace

total 38.2 miles/ no swimming/1 yoga class


  1. I'm with you on the challenges of shopping for baby stuff. We really didn't spend a lot of time researching and picking out really specific things, but eventually it all comes together. I'm sorry running is starting to feel uncomfortable. I would guess the pains are pretty normal- I felt 'em too right around 24 weeks and thats when I started walking more... :( BUT, I really think my running is going to come back quickly b/c of all the water running and elliptical I've been doing. It's totally possible to keep your heart and lungs in great shape and keep your legs strong with squats and stuff throughout.

  2. like i recently stated, i dont have a baby nor expect one in the near future HOWEVER, i did (in march) shop for my boyfriends sister who had a baby in may and i was HIGHLY overwhelmed in Babies R Us. you should totally check out her blog and talk to her (stephanie). shes a runner and a new mommy and i'm sure she wouldnt mind giving you some tips!

  3. I can't believe your pace is still faster than me. And I'm not even prego. Why do I sound like a broken record?? Babys-r-Us sound like a great idea!

  4. Yeah for storks! I like your dreams of no childbirth :) Hope the doc says your belly is just fine!

  5. Good luck at the doctors today - Ill be interested to hear what they tell you!

  6. There is so much baby stuff out there and everybody will tell you what you just have to have.

    Great job on the runs, your pace is amazing. Hope all goes well at the doctors.

  7. I guess I have never been pregnant and can't really tell you how it is to be active and expecting, but it sounds like you know what you are able to do. I am sorry to hear that your run was uncomfortable. I couldn't imagine doing that kind of distance while expecting. Way to go!

  8. The stork idea is a good one N-slice. Your post made me smile. Man I remember crib shopping like it was yesterday. I totally hate shopping - but I think shopping for a baby REALLY sucks.

    I am a list user too. I need to know exactly what I want/need to buy before I head out to the stores (I am the king of pre-shopping internet research). But with our first baby, what did I know? Nothing. I felt like there was so much shiz to learn and get it was overwhelming. I think we bought or received as gifts everything you can imagine (crib, books, outfits, furniture, toys, strollers, decor, etc) before Becca was born. And can I just say, more than half of the crap we got wasn't necessary. Looking back it was such a waste of money. I think everyone does it, but what a rookie mistake that was. Hang in there and have fun. It may not seem like it now, but it is a special time.

  9. I agree with d10. It's all a bunch of poop (the baby biz) Everyone tells you "OHHH YOU NEED THIS or THAT" Ummm yeah, not really. The kid needs a crib, diapers, clothes, food, and some love. That would be all LOL

  10. I think I would rather shoot myself in the foot than shopping for a crib. But I guess I'll cross that bridge one day.

    Good job on the runs, you're doing great.

  11. Nice stats. No swimming because of the renovations at the pool? And I sympathize with the whole shopping thing - I hate it too!


  12. No pregnancy? No childbirth? HA! It's called being a MAN! Lucky bastards.

    Sorry to hear that this stitch wont go away. Hope the Doc can help you with that.

    What race is your sister doing in FL?

  13. Way to piece together the long run! You are so determined, I love it. :) Keep up the good work.

    Good luck with the stork! ;)

  14. Side stitches are the worst. I've spent 7 miles with fingers in my sides before, so I hear where you're coming from. Hopefully this will go away soon!

  15. Where is the pain?

    For me that's around when round ligament pain started poking in every now and again. If it's around your abs, that might be it.

    If so, take heart, it never (for me anyways) got to the place where I had to stop running period, though I did have to bag some runs I had in my head to do.

  16. I've had a side pain for a couple of weeks now. Like a stitch underneath my ribs. I feel it the most when I'm sitting down.

    I love shopping, but I can't get my head round baby shopping. I keep thinking I've got loads of time, but really I haven't. Plus, there's loads of stuff I want, but would rather wait until I found out the sex. Do you know yet?

  17. you are so awesome!!! i dont know how you do it :) hope the dr had good things to say!