So this week has been the transition to afternoon workouts. Monday was normal, that is usually my morning off and yoga at night. Sadly, on Tuesday, I wasn't feeling that great soreness. Too much balance crap. Tuesday I tried but ended up waiting and running at night and it worked out well. THe only problem was having gu at 6pm, I feel like it kept me up since it has a little caffeine in it. Wednesday I got up to go swimming, drove there and the pool was closed. Thanks for the notice!! It is totally unorganized. It is 10 minutes from work, so pretty much I had to change and be sans shower that day. I looked like crap!! So I ran that afternoon also, but the gu again was a problem, unless I'm just restless! I turned into a psycho witch at night when I was trying to fall asleep and was really mean to Bill! Bad me. They were two pretty decent runs. Some discomfort.

Today I planned to swim after school. I went and there was a big sign that the pool was closed today and yesterday ( wasn't there yesterday though). Again, thanks for the notice people. I was pissed!!! I went to the gym, lifted, did some of my own yoga moves, and elliptical. Tomorrow I have a workshop a little later than usual start time of school, so I'm going to see if I can get in a morning run!

Today's questions to think about are : Do you consider yourself athletic? When did you become athletic? What motivated you to start? How does being athletic define your life?

I love considering myself an athlete. My parents started me in swimming and sports leagues when I was really young and I enjoyed it and continued it through high school, college and after! I pride myself on being athletic - it's who I am !


  1. I just had that atheltic discussion with a friend who said that runners are not atheletes. (jackass)

    I didn't consider myself athletic until about a year ago. Now it's who I am too!

  2. I hear ya on the frustration with the pool being closed. I feel like ours closes a lot- the pump is always breaking and it takes 'em forever to fix it.
    Good question about athlete... I think others would consider me an athlete more than I consider that word to describe myself? I've been involved in some type of sport my whole life, but the word 'athlete' brings to my mind someone who plays with balls (basketball, football, soccer, etc) and I'm terrible at all those hand eye coordination things!

  3. Everyone swims. . . must be i missed the memo. Or i should start doing it. I acutally work at a physical therapy clinic and i'm in a pool all day! I should turn the jets on and swim huh?

    Running this week was a challenge for me so i feel your pain.

    I've considered myself an athlete since i was a little kid when i started gymnastics. Then I played soccer. I was on an all boys team (before boys were cool) and one night i refused to go becuase i hated them. HAHAHAHA I sense i was a difficult stubborn child :)

  4. I have always been involved in sports and have always enjoyed playing and being active. I played soccer, basketball and softball in high school and then soccer in college and now I run. I take great pride in being athletic. I can't imagine my life without sports or doing something active. It is who I am, it is part of me.

  5. No, I wouldn't really call my self athletic LMAO! I don't know, I just don't?!?

  6. I consider myself athletic, but not an athlete. I know, weird!

    Why do I consider myself athletic? I run, I play sports, I love to exercise.

    Why do I not consider myself an athlete? I think of an athlete as someone famous for his/her sport. And yes running is a sport to me.

  7. I hate when stuff isn't open, and they didn't advertise it! what's up with that?

    On the being athletic tip, I have always considered myself above average when it came to athletics, and have trained as hard as any "athlete" in my competitive days, but I was never comfortable calling myself an athlete. I am still having trouble self-identifying as a runner, but maybe my first race will cure that.

    In any case, I think if you train as much as you do and can find the motivation to keep going you are definitely an athlete and athletic. Your training continues to amaze given how far along in your pregnancy you are!

  8. No notice is annoying, but maybe there are health dept or equipment issues that shut the pool down (hopefully not).

    I am definitely above average athletic for a skinny little guy. Pound for pound I kick ass. :)

  9. I always associate the label "athlete" with a team sport. I've never been very good at team sports so I've never really thought of myself as an athlete. I guess I'm being hypocritical because if I look at runners I think they are athletic!
    I never thought of myself as athletic until this year when a friend of mine (who was a college athlete and is good at any sport) described me as so. Now, maybe I am...?

  10. Good luck transitioning from morning to evening runs!

    I think the word "athlete" makes me think of rippling muscles...I'm not quite up to that label! Ha ha! Maybe I should take the definition of the word down a couple notches in my head, then I could call myself an athlete!

  11. So crappy about closing the pool with no notice! Grrr. At least you're able to adapt well to changes.

    About the question, I'm of the same philosophy as Girl on Top. I would consider myself as athletic, but not really an athlete. But I'm not sure how that makes sense- it just seems to resonate with me. I love being active, and working out and running, but somehow in my mind it doesn't make me an "athlete". Hmmm...

  12. Hmmm... I guess I'm an athlete but not sure if I'm really athletic? LOL.

    I hope they open up your pool soon!!

  13. I consider myself athletic. Sports/exercise in general has always been a part of my life.

    Good luck with the transition to afternoon workouts - I found it a little difficult but hopefully it will go good for you

  14. Okay I absolutely hate it when they close the pool with little or no notice. Drives me bonkers!

  15. It's mixed... I kinda consider myself very fit, but not athletic.
    I associate "athletic" with talent-- say, basic hand eye coordination, etc....

    I'd consider my very-very-out of shape husband more athletic than I am.

  16. I have a hard time considering myself and athlete since I was so anti-athletic for most of my life. I like to think I am a person with an athletic hobby.

    I wish I could call myself an athlete, I guess I am just not that confident yet.