week 19 recap

Well I'm late this time, not much to report this week. Thanks for your comments on the idea of the Philly marathon - I'm definitely considering it, with the idea that if I need to stop, I can do the 1/2 which follows the same course (and is kind of a bummer when you are running the full as you watch the 1/2ers finish!) I'm weighing any idea of harming the little one and if there is any possibility then I would not do it - versus my competitive desires and goals!

I just realized that when I hit 20 weeks, that meant 20 weeks was behind me. So really I'm on the 21st week. I'm a quick one!

I <3 the yoga class that I go to on Mondays. I feel so good on Tuesdays - soreness all over, knowing it hit all these muscles that only get worked once a week. It's great!

Last week's stats - which was really week 20, but we'll stay in order here:
Monday: Yoga
Tuesday: Run 10.23 miles (1:30) - I had off
Wednesday: 3.06 miles (28:00), + lifting, elliptical 15 minutes (had off)
Thursday: 6.43 miles (1 hr)
Friday: Swim 2700 yards - felt nice (46:00)
Saturday: outside 5.8 miles (1 hour), 3.33 (30 min) - treadmill
Sunday: 6.57 miles (1 hour)

Total: an hour of yoga, 30 min of lifting, 15 min elliptical, 45 of swimming (2700 yards),
Running 35.4 miles 5:28:00
Average pace: 9:16.

Here's my 20 week pic! When I went to weigh myself (standard Saturday tradition), I got the # and the scale ran out of batteries. It's a P-O-S scale and usually I have to do it 3 times and make sure it is accurate. It said I stayed the same weight but was probably wrong. Or maybe right since I got a little bit sick. The clothes are working out - bigger and I feel better about them. Until next week...


  1. awesome job on another amazing week!! i still dont see a baby in there :) you look great!

  2. You look awesome girl! Ya know, if you didn't live so far away I would hire you as my personal trainer. You are so motivated and upbeat about exercise. It's so refreshing.

  3. Awesome job! I agree with Aron, there cant be a baby in there! Keep up the good work!

  4. Dang I don't think I could see my toes at 20 weeks. Lookin good my dear!

  5. You are still doing an amazing job with the workouts! Looking good!

  6. I can't believe how tiny you still are. The workouts are paying off, and I'm sure your delivery will be easier because of it, too.

    Great job on all your workouts!

  7. I think it's funny that your mind is a week behind. My mind is always a week ahead... I'm trying to emlist the power of positive thinking or something b/c I'm ready to be DONE begin pregnant! ;)

  8. The yoga is going to help you so much during labor!

    I think as long as you didn't up your mileage too much during training, you would be ok. I think the Doc will just tell you to keep doing what you're doing, but not too much more. At least mine did.

    Either way, you are doing and looking great!

  9. When is the philly marathon? And how far on will you be? You're crazy... so I'm a fan :-)

    I absolutely love my yoga classes. There's only a few moves - namely anything involving bending over or the cobra - that I find strange now. Not tough, it's just strange feeling a hard ball in my stomach.

    I've signed up for a pregnancy yoga class for 30+ weeks, which I start next month. Can't wait.

  10. You do not even look pregnant!!! You look great! Keep up the great job with workouts!

  11. You've inspired me... I'm going to kidnap my girlfriend this week and take her to yoga. Your weekly training schedule is awesome, wish I could be so loyal. You're kickin ass girl.

  12. You look great! Congrats on another very impressive week.

  13. Recently started reading your blog so thought I'd say hello. Cute belly pic and I agree with everyone else, you are looking fit!

    Also loved the clothes you got, and don't blame you for staying away from true maternity-wear...all the empire waist fashions right now are way cuter!

  14. is it weird that i look forward to your belly shots?
    Anyways, good thinking about the option to pull out and do the half.