Amazing Grass - so far I have tried the Chocolate Amazing Meal, Original Amazing Meal, Pomegranate Green Food, the Green superfood bar and Chocolate Green superfood bar. Whenever I make a smoothie now, I use the fun cup! I am impressed with this stuff. It has so much going on - so many amazing ingredients, and yet, it doesn't taste like you are drinking or eating all of those ingredients.

The Original Green Superfood did not change the taste of my smoothie with spinach, bananas and berries. The Berry Green added a berry flavor to my smoothie - it was like having a dessert. The CHOCOLATE... oh man. This was like drinking chocolate milk. YUM!

The bars: Green superfood bar : maybe reminded me of Odwalla superfood bar. This was OK. I could tell it was good for me, if you know what I mean! The chocolate one is the same but coated in chocolate. I'll take it!!

So far, I really like this stuff! I have my Aria Protein Powder and some Hemp protein powder that I purchased at Trader Joe's - but these have more beneficial ingredients and flavors, chocolate especially, give it a great taste! I found that they sell it on amazon
too so check that out! I'll keep you updated as I try the other flavors.

So you want to try it? Amazing Grass will be an item for the auction coming up July 20th!! Mark those calendars!!

5 months 7.6.09

I forgot to do a 5 month postpartum wellness post, so here's where I am:

Body: Ehh. I'm not thrilled with my beach body right now. It is my stomach that seems to be the biggest problem. I look like I'm 3 months pregnant and want my abs back.

Mental/Emotional: I feel that since it is summer it is much easier for me to be home and happy about it, since no one is working (that I work with) - since I am a teacher! Most days I wonder how I will ever leave Nick 5 days/week until he is in school, and pray that a part-time position comes up that I can take on until that time! Sometimes I feel clueless and wonder what I am doing day after day and constantly wish I could have the same schedule everyday (for Nick - napping/eating, etc)- but I can't seem to get there.

Running: I have definitely a lost mojo right now. I'm really trying to get back into it. I'm in trial mode as far as running a hard marathon to see what I can do - that would be Steamtown in October. I didn't sign up, as I want to see how the training goes. So far, I skipped the 2nd week's longrun and I did this weekend's long run this morning and it dragged. I'm not motivated to work hard, alone, on the treadmill.

I kind of want to switch it up and find a tri to train for!

Check out this promotion owater is running to be on their water bottle labels!

And again.. mark your calendars for some fun items to bid on coming up on JULY 20!

Tell your friends!
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  1. It is hard to stay motivated through the summer with running, especially since you trained hard for Boston. The desire to run will come back soon. But in the mean time have fun swimming and biking!

  2. If you *think* you look 3 months pregnant in current pictures of you then you should get out more often. If I didn't read your blog, I'd have never guessed you'd have given birth.
    -Observant Reader

  3. I think you look great, and it takes awhile for those abs to snap back (so I hear).

  4. I need to try some of that amazing grass!

    BTW, you look great. Don't be too hard on yourself! :)

  5. Just found your blog. I wouldn't be too hard on yourself about running/body stuff. You just had a baby. I think you definitely find a tri since it seems more interesting to you.

  6. Once I'm past this Ultra I'll be getting ready for Philly marathon. if you want some company on a run, let me know!!

  7. Don't worry Lil Mama, your lookin gooooood! :) Your running mojo will come back, i think everyone goes through that! In december i ran 20 miles--- the WHOLE month! ha ha ha ha :)

  8. I think you went out pretty hard core after having Nick b/c you wanted to proove to yourself that you could do it and now that you've done it...eh. Give your mind and body a little summer vaca and reassess at the end of July. Two weeks of no pressure/thoughts of running will likely get your fire started. And, definitely see about finding a running group. They really help me on days when I don't feel like running. As for the tummy, mine still sticks out further than my rib cage, which never used to be the case. I don't know if this is a permanent change.

  9. It's got to be hard to not have the pre-baby body back, even though in all honesty, you look fabulous!

  10. I still think you are burnt out. Find a tri and focus on the bike and swim for a little while. Your run base will be there.

  11. i agree with a fun tri!!! i'm hoping it motivates me a bit. UNRELATED - but naturally nutty is made in michigan, and i tried a ton of flavors at the cherry festival in traverse city this week!! i still prefer jif though.

  12. I've been trying Amazing Grass products and am getting ready to post a review on them soon. It was interesting to hear you thoughts.

    But it's also interesting to hear your thoughts on your post-partum life... That may be in my future at some point and I appreciate hearing things from a runner's point of view. You've done some pretty amazing things for having a baby so recently and your body has been doing some pretty impressive training. I'm inspired by you.