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I'm happy to report that I was up and out to get to the Masters practice both Monday & today . I got there before 5:30 and swam till 6:15. On the first day you never know where to swim, and I started in a lane which turned out being all middle aged men that kicked my A**!! I kept telling myself I could make it for 45 minutes. Today I moved over with the ladies in the next lane that seemed to be going more my pace! The first set was 16 x 100s. There is no way ever that I would do it on my own. I'm definitely swimming faster and more motivated to swim. I wish that I could stay later and finish the workouts, though. I need a live in nanny to watch Nick when Bill leaves for work (around 6:40) until I get home. It is good for me to workout with a group and socialize in non baby talk. Next Tues I have having minor wrist surgery (it is called de quervains release - a problem that I think started from typing up midterms in Jan '08 using equation editor and cut and paste to put the exams online), so I will be out 10 days but will return to do it when it is healed.


After all of the baking that I did for the sale- some of it for nothing :( I decided that it is much for fulfilling to make healthy things. Speaking of the sale, THANK YOU to everyone who participated and donated! Although I am a little disappointed at the "turnout," I am so happy to have made more money towards my goal! And touched by the generosity of people who I have never met. I thank you so much!

There are still several items here by various generous bakers who have been so kind to make these items. Please consider bidding - the sale will go the rest of the week or sooner if items get a bid. These make a great treat to send to a friend! Thank you very much.

ITEMS STILL UP FOR GRABS! tosha25italia@yahoo

5. Anzac biscuits donated by Lizzie

A traditional Australian cookie, these delights are made with rolled oats, coconut, butter, sugar and golden syrup. They are full of energy! They make a great light snack for the bride on her wedding day, or a pick me up for the long run! Enjoy 2 dozen of these energizing "biscuits."

Current Bid:

8. Exercise at home set donated by Level 5
Did you quit the gym to save money or are you stuck at home with your kids? This "Exercise is Magic" workout DVD and "Exercise Anywhere" card deck will help you to stay fit right in your home.

Current Bid:

9. Green chai tea shortbread
- N.D.
Green tea has some amazing health benefits. Pair that with the flavors of delicious chai, and you have a powerhouse shortbread! Each cookie has the equivalent of half of a cup of green tea. Do something good for your body today and bid on 2 dozen of these antioxidant shortbread delights!

Current Bid:

10. The ultimate chip cookies (customizable) - N.D.
Searching for the ultimate chocolate chip cookie? Full of your favorite chips (white chocolate, dark chocolate, semi-sweet, peanut butter, or butterscotch) and topped off with sea salt, these cookies are sure to delight! Bid on 2 dozen of these classics - you won't be disappointed! Send to a friend for some birthday wishes!

Current Bid:$20

18.Harvest Muffins
donated by Katrina@ Gluten Free Gidget

One dozen subtly sweet corn muffins with a hint of pumpkin and spice. A delectable treat for any time of year! Gluten free (dairy free upon request)

Current Bid:$20

25. Peanut Butter Date Blondies- N.D.

If you like peanut butter, then you will love these peanut butter date blondies. A strong taste of peanut butter with dates and peanuts thrown into the mix. These are very rich and tasty. 16 blondies.

Current Bid:

26. Rosemary Bread - Abby

Do you need to carbo load? The ultimate carb loading bread - I had it the days before my 20 miler in March and rocked it! It has a delicious rosemary taste. Pairs nicely with pasta but it is also a great treat on its own!

Current Bid:

28. Peanut Butter Granola donated by Kristen

Peanut butter, smart balance oil, oats, agave nectar, brown rice syrup and a hint of cinnamon. Perfect for an on - the - go snack, or great with milk in the morning. Enjoy a bag of this nutty treat.

Current Bid:

30. Faux Oreos - donated by Marybeth

A classic favorite, here's a King Arthur take on the nabisco oreo cookie made with cocoa and whole wheat flour. 16 large sandwich cookies.

Current Bid:



  1. Congrats on all the swimming.

    What kind of wrist surgery are you having?

  2. Sorry to hear you need wrist surgery. Awesome that you are making it to masters swim class.

  3. Sorry about the wrist. I hope you heal up fast!!

  4. What is a "Masters" swim class? I hope your wrist heals well. I know about equation editors from the chem books I've written.

  5. I feel your pain in having to get out of swimming early and rush home so husband can get off to work! It really is a relief when you've got someone to cover for you. Any chance you have a neighbor with a kid who you can trade off with? Sometimes they're willing to do it if all you're looking for is 20-30 minutes. :)

  6. man where are all the foodies! I know they eat, bid on some stuff!

    so sorry about the wrist, that's just not fun!

  7. Wow looks like all your food is disappearing! Congrats thats awesome! :)

    Way to kick butt with all the swimming and everything you do. Girl you are SuperMom and i give you mad props for still having *me* time while being home with Nick. *me* time is soooo important! :) :)