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Feedback on the bake sale
What are your thoughts on the bake sale? If you didn't participate, what held you back from participating? I would love feedback to make it better if I do something like it again. The $20 minimum was to cover shipping for the bakers-it can be super expensive to ship!!

I *tried* to get up and run at 5am this morning for 2 hours. I didn't try hard, I just rolled over and went back to sleep. I ran for an hour in the morning then a half hour later on. I don't think I'm going to even try tomorrow to run in the morning. When I was running, and not into it AT ALL, the Tour was on. It was motivating and cool to watch and enabled me to finish. I think it is neat how the girls wear dresses the same color as the shirt that is being presented. I like the color thing. Lance - he can bike, he can run, can he swim? I wonder if an ironman is in his future...or past?

Baby Talk
When I was dating Bill, I was a wacko. He is from CT and I was living at home in PA. We would see each other on some weekends throughout the summer when we were both living @ home. When he would leave I would be in my room crying - yes crying, because I missed him so much. When I was growing up, I would be head over heels in love (or so I thought) with a boy - and he would be all I could think about, I devoted all my time to the boy and memorized his personal info, and just thought about him all day long. One of them was eating mustard and I didn't like it but ate it anyway. I was insane. It is in my personality - ALL or nothing and I took it to the extreme.

What does this have to do with anything? Lately I feel like I am a little wacko with Nick. I don't want anyone else putting him to bed or watching him. I don't want to miss a moment with him. I already miss the middle of the night holding him and him falling asleep on my shoulder. I don't want him to grow up before my eyes and boom! he's going away to college. I've been all emotional and weird about it and need to let go a bit. I am starting to think going back to work may have been the healthy idea for my attachment issue. I cannot imagine leaving him to go work 5 days a week for a minute as you know. No way! Some days though I just feel like the old me ended when Nick was born and here I am with a totally different life. It is weird. I think it will be hard for me when school starts up in a month. I miss the fulfillment of teaching and haven't been able to find part-time positions @ college level.

Oatmeal Flax Whole Wheat Pancakes
(w/ blueberries and almond butter)
Some pancakes from today - it is a mix that you can store, adapted from King Arthur

3.5 cups oats
1/2 c flaxseed
4.5 c flour
3 tbs sugar
2 tbs baking powder
1 tbs salt
1 tbs baking soda
1/2 c smart balance oil
1/2 c hemp oil
(or just use 1 cup oil of your choice)

Put all ingredients except oil in the mixer and mix together. Turn on the mixer and drizzle the oil in while the mixer is running. Squeeze a clump in your hand. If it sticks together, it is just right. if it does not, continue to add 1 tbsp oil at a time until it sticks.

Store in the fridge indefinitely. To use, add 1 egg, 1/2 c milk and 1/2 c yogurt (1 c milk also works) and cinnamon to taste. I also added blueberries to this one and almond butter!


  1. Regarding the bake sale, I have certain charities I donate to and set aside money for them each year. I would have bid a little but the start bid was $20 and that was a little high for me.

    Sorry you're in a rut with the running. I would like to think the running blogs would help motivate you. Hopefully you'll be back in your groove soon.

  2. I have some good friends who have a 6 month old, and she is expressing the same feelings you are, so I'm guessing that it is normal??

  3. I was planning on participating in the bake sale, but that week things got crazy! My parents were down (taking up lots of my time, but its good), tons going on at work, and I was working on a presentation I need to give to the medical staff in the NICU, this Wednesday. Time got away from me. I think if the sale was a little longer it may have helped.

    You may venture off in food blogs, but make sure you keep updating yours!!!!

  4. Well, I benefited from the bake sale with yummy banana flax bread and it was even better after a long run this morning! :) I think maybe it just need to be online a bit longer. Also, the summer can be tough as people are away etc.

    Also, you're not wacko for crying when Bill left - I would think that would be the normal reaction! :) But looks like all the tears were worth it.

  5. i LOOKED at all the bake sale stuff, but it was all too healthy ha ha!! a neat idea though. no real advice on nick except that it IS hard to leave, but if you know it's the best thing (money, career, socializing the kiddo) and the KID is happy, it makes it ok. what is nick like when you leave? if he's happy and like watching/playing with other kids, then is it fair to him to not get SOME of that (i'm not saying full time!)?

  6. If I would have had the spare cash, I would have bid.. :)

    i think all the stuff your going through is normal. maybe you will find a part time job or something. i dont know how close your family is to you, but maybe one or two days a week, nick could go to someone elses house so he can be familiar with other people & then you can have some time for your self.. :) if you ever need to chat, i'm here for you!

  7. i don't think it is unusual to have those feelings~ every phase of parenting will probably present you with different challenges. i hope things start to feel a little better for you.

  8. I really liked the online auction (as you know) and felt that my money was going to a good cause. I think that you put in a lot of hard work, and it paid off. Maybe next time, let the auction go for a week or two (yes, it is time consuming, but maybe a bit better pay off). Thank you, thank you, thank you for the nut butters- they were awesome!

    I think the stuff you're feeling with Nick is normal, I think that post-partum depression or emotions can happy at any time, just stay on top of it.
    Good luck with the running, maybe a good run on your own can help with your seperation issues with Nick. Don't worry at all, you are an awesome mom!