a great big thank you!!

I just wanted to thank everyone who participated in the bake sale! Most especially the bakers that made it possible - and all of you that bidded on items. It was a success and I was able to get closer to my goal! I made right around $800 that went directly to Dana Farber and came so close to my goal. I have until July 31 so I am going to try to raise my final 450 or at least get as close as I can!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, I AM VERY GRATEFUL! If anyone tries to do something similar in the future - please feel free to contact me for any help or questions! I saw this on a few other blogs and asked a few questions of the bloggers to get an idea and for some help - but I guess they were too good for me - no response. That left me feeling quite bitter!! I stopped reading those blogs. I will help anytime!

Thoughts on the bake sale:

It was really fun. I would do it again, with a few changes. I would let it run over the whole week to make sure I was getting people to check it out that might have been away on the one day. I wouldn't bake anything. I would really try hard to get outside bakers and donations. The baking to take pictures and then again to send out really took a toll - on my diet, expenses and my time! Having to ship the items to multiple people adds up, and some of the companies that donated shipped things directly to me and then I had to ship out which in some cases cancelled out any money that was made! A good deal of footwork went into setting it up, and so baking just took too much out of it.

There are still a few things that you can bid on - especially the Anzac cookies. I can't believe no one bid on them - they are SOOO good!! And from a native Australian!! (Lizzie!)

I wish I had a setup like Mama Simmons where I had someone that could come watch Nick for 30 minutes while I finished swimming. It is like getting up before 5 to swim for 45 minutes and speed home to get back in time for Bill to leave for work. Sometimes Nick is sleeping when I get home, so I just wish I had a neighbor or friend that could just drink some coffee and read the paper until I returned!!

Masters swimming is out of college and older swimmers who get together and swim! Someone makes up a set every workout and it is like an organized swim workout on intervals. It is great - reminds me of swim practice back in the day. Unforunately I always seem to be one of the youngest people there with older people (like 40s/50s) kicking my a**. The good thing is that there seem to be a good # of triathletes so they can help me to get into one I bet!

I don't know how I"m getting in a long run this weekend. I'm not interested at all. I have not really followed my training plan this week, I am just doing whatever I feel like. I plan to run the Philly marathon in November and tentatively Steamtown in October, but speedwise, I just don't feel like pushing it right now. I can't get motivated to do so. I'm so tired of my basement treadmill right now too.


  1. So glad the bake sale was such a success!

  2. triadventure7/24/09, 9:30 AM

    Sorry the running isn't going better. Is there any way you can get off that treadmill and get outside more with the stroller or in the evenings when Bill is home from work? Find people to run with for your long runs if you can.

  3. Masters swimming sounds like so much fun. I really miss working out with other people. I understand about your running...I've been going easy this week because of my knee and also just because I'm totally not into it right now. In this very moment, I'm trying to get myself to into my sports bra and out the door. Obviously, since I'm typing, the plan is not really working. :)

  4. Glad the bakesale got you close to your goal. Please post how we could donate directly - sending a check to you or Dana Farber organization - to help you reach your goal.

    Swimming sounds fun and I hope you dig deep and find a bit of fun in running. I hear you about basement treadmills...it's nice to be out.

  5. If I tried to set something up for us local runners to get together for a run, would you be interested?

  6. you know I think we are a lot alike...we have great big goals and take on a lot at a time...so maybe right now running just needs to be running, no worries about speed until you have time to really concentrate on it again.

    glad the bake sale generally worked out. I was very surprised at how much you were baking!

  7. Glad the bakesale was successful! :) :)