falling off the bus

I've been baking since last week - baking to do a trial run and snap pictures for Mon! I've come across a ton of great recipes, that have been fun to make, but not all of them are healthy, and I've been taste tasting. Healthy diet out the window! The rest of the day is good but taste testing is no good!

I have been superbusy with the bakesale so I've slacked on comments and I'll be back soon.
I 've been up early to workout all week - swimming, heartless runs, Jillian, on demand yoga. Today Nick decided to wake up and cry at 5 am. I was actually in the midst of sleeping in, so this was no good. I actually love being a morning person, but I seem to stay up late to get things done and get too tired. I have to get back into the routine of getting up early and to bed early!

Yesterday I was considering wearing my recovery socks to the store. Hot pink. I like them more for their style than benefits. I would just look like an old soccer player or something, right?
Anyone worn them out?

In the sock topic...I forgot to tell you about my undying love for Wrightsocks. I have talked about them before, but they are my one and only running sock now. It became serious quickly! Down the shore, I always manage to get blisters when I run. Last weekend I forgot to wear my Wrightsocks the first time and did have some blisters forming AND my toes hurt while running. The next day: Wrightsocks: No blisters, no pain. I love them. Here are my fave 4:

Cushioned DLX
: great light support, cozy
SLX - cushioning and venting in key places
Running II: v.similar to the DLX
Cool Mesh: lighter than the rest with the same benefits

Good news- you can get these on amazon :) I love amazon. What can't you get there!


  1. I love socks! I haven't tried wirghtsocks but may need to make the investment. I need to pick up some recovery socks as well.

  2. still gotta check those compression socks out. putting you on the review list. i will probably post it tomorrow.

  3. I've been out in my pink Recovery Socks, and while I got a few funny looks, I wore them loud and proud!

  4. I plan on wearing my hot pick recovery socks all wknd after the race...and that includes my celebratory dinner out!

  5. Socks, next to good shoes, are the best!

  6. I have 3 sick blisters on my tosies. They are so painful i'm limping just to not walk on them. I've tried the wright socks but they dont seem to help. I've put body glide between my toes and they STILL blister. WTH? Do you think i need a wider toebox'ed shoe???

  7. OK, yeah. Amazon rocks. Especially for moms who have a tough time getting out to shop!

    I've been meaning to tell you how completely delicious your baked goodies are!! I love them!!!

  8. so glad you left a post on socks..still haven't found a good fit...I will have to try those out!

  9. You should go to a triathlon - triathletes seem to love wearing those socks around. It's kind of funny, everyone including the men either have shaved legs or wear compression socks.

    Good luck prepping for your bake sale.

  10. "Heartless runs..." I'm right there with ya. I've been sick all week and running has been the pits!

  11. looooooooooooove my running II wright socks!

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