Catching up

So this morning Lizzie sent me this article: http://www.boston.com/sports/other_sports/running/articles/2009/07/07/runners_keep_your_splits_to_yourself/ which was interesting. I think blogging helps me to get motivated and for some extra encouragement! What do you think?

I'm getting things together for the bake sale coming up in 2 weeks - I'm super excited! Hope you will tell your friends to come visit my site on July 20th! Last call for bakers/donators!! You don't have to bake something to donate! You can put together your favorite things, or running things, or anything fun! So far I have mainly cookies, cupcakes, granola, & granola bars, and a few non food items!

Today I did a tempo run in the morning, 7 miles w/ 5 miles tempo pace. Then my sister wanted to swim in the afternoon. We ended up doing our own tri. I didn't feel like swimming the whole time or running the whole time either. So we swam 1000 yds, biked for 15 minutes and ran for 15 minutes. That ended up being 3.25 miles biked and 1.65 ran. The bike was better, I used a different one and with my sister there to talk to, the 15 min flew by. Now I just want to find a cheap try to start with!

Teri at Amazing Grass sent me all kinds of amazing stuff to try and I can't wait to try it out and tell you about it! I've tried an amazing meal and one other packet so far, and a bar. They are good! I think I am most excited for the fun cup!

I'm using fitday.com for some calorie counting. It gets tedious but I did it today and yesterday. It makes me more aware, so we'll see how it goes. I made a huge thing of veggies and baked them in the oven for this week again. There are so many things going on (eggplant, carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, zucchini, ... it is kind of annoying to put into fitday). It is delicious! Last night's dinner was barley with all of the veggies. Have you ever eaten more and lost weight? When I plug in my info for cals needed, most sites + nutritionist give me a whopping number of cals -alot more than I am eating. Thoughts?

I've been cutting out dairy because I was having major issues! But now, being a vegetarian, my PROTEIN is low! I've been limiting soy also, but how now do I get protein???

So I found this site where you can input in your recipe and break it down to figure out the nutrition facts!! http://www.nutritiondata.com/ AWESOME!! Here's an example:

And last.. I forgot a dentist appt today. I just totally forgot about it. I'm becoming my mom. AHh


  1. I can't have dairy much either, so I try to get protein from beans and lots of almond butter :) Eggs are also a good source.

  2. umm wow, the author of that article sounds bitter that other people have caught on to his hobby !!!

  3. ps my coworker was JUST talking about this amazing grass last night! I think i need to hop on the bandwagon :)

  4. I keep reading about Amazing Grass too - going to try some soon.

    Are you sure you really 'forgot' the dentist? :O)

    Protein - maybe try some beans or quinoa? There are some good recipes out there for cannellini bean dip. Easy to make and tastes so good.

  5. I restricted calories for years and didn't lose weight. When I went to the nutritionist and we raised my caloric intake, I lost. So it does happen that way!

  6. I eat egg whites like it's going out of style. Hard boiled egg whites with salt (I have super low blood pressure), egg white omelets, etc.

  7. I don't know what to tell you about the protien. I am still learning myself. Good luck!

  8. I went to a nutritionist and she factored in my activity level which is about 2 1/2 hours at the gym 6 days a week (my husband is a saint to watch our 6 month old!) and it was about 1000 calories higher than I was eating! I was leery of it but did it anyways and lost 10 more pounds!!! I wasn't taking in enough calories and my body was holding onto fat! It's scary but it works!

  9. I have had the same problem with online calculators trying to give me too many calories. The USDA (MyPyramid.gov) is especially bad. I weigh 135, exercise in some form 30-60 minutes a day and the USDA site says I should eat 2200 calories a day. That's way too much for me (unless I'm trying to gain weight). With a little experimenting, I have found that about 1400-1700 calories/day lets me maintain my weight. Right now I use SparkPeople.com to track my food. It lets you enter your own calorie range, which is perfect for me. (And it's free.)

  10. :) Dont worry about the dentist apt... stuff happens! :)

    did nick get to go swimming too? :)

  11. can you eat eggs? I eat a ton of eggs for protein since I dont eat meat either... egg whites are really low calorie too.

  12. i found a lot of calorie sites told me i needed like 2500 a day when i was running and i knew i would gain on that, but i can maintain with around 2100 or so.

    protein is suprisingly not as important as everyone tells us. you'll find a lot more of that when you read veggie blogs or raw blogs. so nuts, avocados and such are good sources. I have been doing some tofu lately, but really not so worried about protein any more

  13. I am new to the blogging world and I am loving it. Living in South MS, it's kind of hard to find people with the same passion. (MS is the fattest state ya know) If I am around non runners, I do try to spare them, just as I would appreciate people with other hobbies sparing me with hours of details (hunting comes to mind). I don't mind hearing about the hunt, but please do not go on and on, and on. As for the eating part, I can't help ya. I still need to drop that 5 lbs. I do think there is a fine line between not enough calories to do the training effectively, and too many. I just don't know where the line is. If you figure it out - blog please.

  14. Nuts and eggs are good sources for protein...maybe protein powder??

    Glad you are enjoying the grass, I haven't tried it yet, but I might just have to.

    Great job working out too. Blogging helps keep me motivated and accountable.

  15. I was gonna say the same thing as others: eggs and nuts for protein. Also, whole grains, like bread and cereal, should have quite a bit of protein.

    Have fun at the dentist!

  16. I have got to try the Amazing Grass, if nothing else, just for that sweet cup:)

  17. Hey Natalie,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog.

    No I can't imagine there will be anyone else attempting a 43-mile mountain race so soon after childbirth :-) But I don't think you had many similar sitations at Boston either. Maybe they should be new race records :-)

    Yes, I'm still nursing, but trying to wean Cairn off. He seems more interested in food these days anyway. I'm down to three feeds a day.

    I got the weight off by stopping reading your blog!! Ha ha. Just kidding. Although I do always have the munchies afterwards. All that nice food mmm. I did have to watch what I ate. It wasn't like it just fell off. After the birth I had 16lbs to lose. considering I'm 114lbs now, none of my clothes fitted me for a few months. Now it's like I have a whole new wardrope!