Food processor day

I just told Bill that I'm ready to sell my mixer and never buy butter again. :)

Today was food processing day - above sunflower "butter" - pretty tasty, not too smooth!

Yummy hummus above

Lentil Kale Mushroom Patties
Bill thought they had a horrible after taste - I thought AWESOME
Lentils, oats, kale, mushrooms, sunflower butter, salt, pepper and 2 egg whites

And the grand finale.. you have to check this out


w/ "chocolate syrup"

I might become a total raw eater soon!!

My boy is going to be so lucky when he grows up. He's going to go over a friends house and realize that things like chips ahoy exist and real ice cream... meat...oreos? Non soy chicken nuggets? haha. Any vegan/raw/vegetarian eaters out there with kids? How did you raise your kids?

The awesome Amanda tagged me for 7 personality traits... so here they are - the good, the bad, the ugly:

1 - Organized - I can be borderline OCD with having things in their places and having no dishes in the sink when I go to bed. I can't leave the house for a weekend away without the counters being cleaned off and dishes washed.

2- Thoughtful - I like to make someone's day and try to help my friends wherever I can. I love just sending things out of the blue to tell someone that I love them.

3- High expectations - This is a bad trait. I have not liked something that a friend has done or how someone has responded or not been there for me, I really hold a grudge and I dump them out of my life. I can be really critical of small things, mostly with my parents, which I'm really trying to work on. I have very high expectations for people because I do for myself, which translates into me being hard on people.

4- Motivated - In general, I'm motivated to do my best, be my best and do what I set out to do. Right now my motivation is super low for running but I still truck through it. I want to be the best that I can be - both in my job, as a mom, wife, and overall life. (rhyme!)

5- Creative - I like making things for people like cards, necklaces, pictures, food!, wedding countdown boards, ... I won't buy anything that I can make on my own.

6- Inner/Hermit/Quiet - Not sure of a good word for this one, but this is another trait I am working on. I'm quiet in that I won't stand up for myself all the time. For instance, one time in daycare they fed Nick formula that was in the diaper bag and I should have flipped out, but I didn't say a word.

Sometimes when I see people from the past that I recognize, I picture myself having an invisibility cloak on - thinking they won't recognize me. I have a self-worth issue sometimes, thinking people won't remember me or want to say hello. If they don't say something, I usually won't either.

Also, lately I realize that I need to tell the people that I love that I love them more often. I think about it - but I don't show it all the time. For instance, Bill. I think about how much I miss him during the day and how much he means to me, and think of things that I want to tell him, or something will remind me of him, but then when he gets home, I'm focused on having "me" time and getting things done that I wanted to do all day, and then it is time for bed. I do the same with my parents - instead I give them a hard time about things. In general, I need to work on showing the people that I love that I really love them!

And last, I'm a hermit in that I prefer being home. I don't like traveling anymore. I like my routine and would just like to be home!

7 - Hard core, Type A - I am usually all in or all out. I've been a vegetarian since I was 13 which kind of sums up my personality. One day I just decided that I wasn't going to eat meat anymore and I just stopped eating it! If I set my mind to something, I do it. If I don't want to do something or be somewhere, it is made known to everyone (usually just by looking at my face).


  1. wow. I've been eating frozen bananas lately anyway...I've got to try this!!!

  2. I like your personality traits! I see myself in alot of what you said. I'm freaking OCD about a clean house & no dirty dishes. Some boys (my dad,brother & boyfriend) dont understand this nor care. And dirty dishes to them are fine being left in the sink. I'm pretty sure one day i had a nervous breakdown b/c no one would wash the dishes! LOL Sad, but true!

    I also try to hide from people... i dont want to be judged. One year after i graduated hs, some kid started a rumor that i was pregnant. *NOT TRUE & super RUDE* It was at that point that i decided running is necessary. :)

  3. Personally? I don't feel right forcing my kids to become vegetarian - no one ever forced me, it was a personal decision. They get to try both vegetarian and non veggie meals. They know some people eat animal products and some don't, and either way can be good for them and I hope they make decisions that work best for them when they are older (still too young to make the decision for themselves, though I have seen them go through phases where they prefer not eating meat and phases where they prefer it)! My kids don't eat McDonalds or crap, nor do they ask for it. That is all I care about.


  4. You've been keeping busy!!! I get so inspired when I see all the fun things you're trying out. Now I just need to make them and not eat it all at once!

  5. I am trying the banana soft serve this weekend. I always have bananas frozen since I put them in my recovery shakes!! Thanks for sharing. I am so excited to try it.

  6. You certainly get your use out of your food processor. Sometimes I feel guilty for not using ours enough.

    And i didn't know there were frozen bananas. I may have to check this out!

  7. ahh number 3, yes yes so the same.

    ok i finally froze some bananas so i can get on this soft serve band wagon

  8. That is such a great photo of you and Nick!! He's getting some little muscles there :)

  9. I always love learning about you! You sound like a typical mom/runner/type A lady. I think we have to have a little OCD in us to be runners, otherwise we would never get up to do it!
    Hmmm, on the vegitarian raising...I don't have kids yet, and as a former veggie, I am not sure if I would personally make my child's diet 100% veggie/raw. I think that there are many important health beneifts to meat/animal products that growing children's bodies need - but I think that there is a healthy balance which I am sure can be achieved. Organics and the such can really help the process along.
    Good job on the swimming, and love the pic of you and Nic!

  10. all those foods look so good! esp the banana soft serve ;)

  11. I've totally been wanting to try the frozen banana thing! I'll have to try it in the next few days once my tummy is back to normal. I bought a ton of bananas from Costco and they're going bad, so this is perfect timing.