Thanks Mama Simmons for this link. Check out Kristin Armstrong's blog on motivation today - it made me think, and feel like I am just in a phase where I am seeking balance. I used to be in autopilot - workout, go to work, come home, do work, go to bed. My life has changed (since adjusting to having a baby in the house) and I will get back to where I used to be - or not ? I will find happiness and balance however it should be. It's a great post!


  1. I love her posts! I always find inspiration from what she writes! If you don't usually follow it make sure you read back over them...there have been quite a few good ones over the past few months!

    Funny you mention the balance thing. I think it's something we will always have to fight. Especially when you're a stay at home mom. Sure...you could say that it shouldn't be that difficult if you get up everyday at the same time. But we know that just won't happen every day. :-) Hardest part for me is getting in a routine/schedule and then having it changed as J has gotten older and his routine changes.

    I miss the daily routines from my Army days. Routines are good :-)!!!!!! And ya, guess that was pre-baby so it WAS easier :-)

  2. I don't have a child, but I know sort of what you feel like. I wasn't working for 6 months at one point and I felt so lost and off balance. It's hard going from a very regular routine to something so different. You may not end up with your schedule again, but you'll adjust to what life is now and you'll feel better.

  3. I always love Kristen Armstrong's stuff! I wish her articles would appear more regularly in RW.

  4. That post is great for some perspective... thanks for sharing.