Pumpkin, POM, bread

Thanks for the thoughts on the eating habits/going somewhere. It surprised to hear anyone would be offended if someone brought food to their house. To get around that, I would just bring something I would eat for everyone to eat! Everyone has their own tastes, so that is fair I think. It's just awkward when I meet people for the first time and go to hang out and they learn I'm a nutrition freak! And don't get me wrong, I loooove cookies, pizza, all that stuff and eat it occasionally, I have to! and you see what I bake! But overall, I like to eat well. Anyway - thanks for your thoughts!

What pumpkin things are you making for the season? I want to try this pumpkin butter Danica made, and make her muffins too!

POM sent a nice surprise - 2 bottles of POM juice that are coming out early next year - Kiwi Pomegranate Juice and Nectarine Pomegranate Juice. Both were deliciously sweet. I liked the kiwi taste better than the nectarine, but enjoyed both. The different fruits added a nice twist to the POM flavor. I am going to try what Heather did and make ice cubes for smoothies! Thanks for sending, POM!!

Nature's Pride sent 2 loaves of bread via FoodBuzz to all foodbuzz publishers. One is 12 grain and one whole wheat - they are all natural and have no processed ingredients. Big slices, 110 calories, 5 g of fat, and tasty! The ingredients list was a little much for me: whole wheat flour, water, yeast sugar, wheat gluten, cracked wheat, cultured wheat flour, honey, salt, brown sugar, soybean oil, molasses, wheat bran, raisin juice concentrate, vinegar, soy flour, whey, cultured corn solids but I do find it hard to find bread without processed crap or high fructose corn syrup. I like to have as little ingredients as possible, but I would possibly buy this as it hits the shelves.

This weekend is a 16 miler. The weather looks great for it but I'm a little nervous to finish it out. I'm meeting up with the wife of one of Bill's friends from work who did her first half a couple weeks ago. I think she'll be good company (not sure how much she'll run, 13.1 is her highest to date). We're taking Nick to a pumpkin place on Saturday - super excited about this!! Tis the season!


  1. I think that's a GREAT compromise to bring something you'd eat, but bring enough to share! Nobody can complain about that.

    When I'm at a function and trying not to make a big deal about not eating what they're serving, I just load up my plate with the things I CAN eat so it isn't as noticeable. ;)

  2. I feel bad because it was me who said I would be offended. Maybe that was too strong of a word.

    My background includes many years of having an eating disorder, so now I am determined to eat all foods joyfully and not make a big deal about having some "junk" now and then. Although I eat mostly "healthy" stuff, I find freedom in being able to eat fun stuff too, especially with friends.

    I obviously am in the great minority of your readers in that I don't WANT to eat clean all of the time. I spent too many years doing that unhappily and missing out socially as a result. It's good that your friends are similar to you and that they won't mind you bringing your own stuff to share! I just think if I am hosting a meal, if someone offered ahead of time to bring something that would be one thing, but to show up with a dish for themselves or to share, I would think that was a little offensive.

    But ignore me. I feel strongly about food issues as someone recovered from an ED and who is a counselor for those still dealing with one (not that I think that you do, AT ALL, of course). I believe in moderation and that all foods are good.


  3. I can't WAIT to try my new POM juice! I got some too!!! :)

  4. Good luck with the 16!

  5. Pumpkin frozen yogurt is delish.

  6. I really enjoy pumkin treats during the fall. You can do so much. I make these pumkin cookies that are real easy.

    Make sure you take lots of pictures of Nick with all the pumpkins!!!

  7. There was an interesting recipe for pumpkin curry in RW's latest issue. Personally, I've never actually made anything but jack-o-lanterns from pumpkin.

  8. I just told Andy to pick up some pumpkin at the store tonight...it's that time of year!!

  9. I seem to be hooked on Pumpkin everything this year! I am posting another Pumpkin Butter use recipe tomorrow - Maple Pumpkin Butter Pancakes - OMG - LOVE them. Sadly my pumpkin butter is almost gone, I am going to have to make some more.

    Good luck with your 16 miler and I can't wait to hear whatcha think of the pumpkin butter and muffins.