Training schedule

I'd love to hear your feedback on the training schedule for the next few weeks leading up to the marathon next month! I posted the schedule on the last post but here it is again. Click to enlarge! Thanks for the advice so far on fueling and your thoughts on the training schedule!

To clarify, I've been doing junk miles for the past forever weeks and months. I started adding in the tempo runs and speedwork about a month ago. Do I still deserve a week without tempo and speedwork? I don't think so - but I think that I will decrease the length of the long run and focus on quality instead of quantity this week (Thanks, Mama Simmons). What do you think? I also might do a tempo run? I don't know that I've been training HARD yet. I'm thinking of running 10 for the long run. Should I make it at a goal pace or easy pace? Then the following week, I'll make that a quality long run and do (from coach Mama) - 10 at easy pace, 6 miles at marathon goal pace and the last 4 easy (at least, I'll attempt to do this w/o a garmin or on a treadmill!)

For my last marathons I have done one 20 miler. Not 2. I doubt I will do 2 of them. I'm going for fun and just maybe a PR but I'm not going out there with any Boston or bust attitude whatsoever. I'm not in that mental mode right now!

So what are your thoughts on this idea:
This week: 10
Then 18-quality 20-12easy -8 (race/quality)
So far I have done 12, 13.1 (race), 14, 16

I made the oat groats bread again. Oh my gosh - it is so good.

And - I liked it when Nick was facing me - much more entertaining for me while running!! :)


  1. I love the pic of your little guy in the BOB! So cute. I have no specific advise except don't do anything that might cause injury or require a ton of recovery. Over years of training, I have learned that any type of intensity requires a long recovery for me and I can only take it in very small doses. I would err on the side of sticking to the plan and if it calls for a recovery week, then you should consider it.

  2. I think if you did one 20 miler for your other training, then one should be fine now, since you are going into it with the idea of having fun. No reason to risk an injury trying to cram in two 20 milers, if they are not needed.

    Nick is getting so big! Which Bob do you have? Is it the Ironman? Do you ever run on any trails with it? I am going back and forth between that one and another one. I worry about the Ironman on Forbidden Drive.

  3. Have you been doing those tempo runs? Those are KEY. But during your rest week, take the rest and don't add another hard effort in there or else you're sabotaging your recovery. But then next week go NAIL that tempo workout and long run! :)

  4. Oh, and I agree- running with the Bob was better when they faced us.

  5. Would you consider taking some of the Monday runs, shortening them just a bit & turning them into speedwork?

    I'm on a bastardized FIRST. Bastardized because I can't always get both speedwork & tempo in the same week. When I can't do both, I try to alternate (2 weeks tempo, 1 week speedwork) just to keep things fresh.

    Good luck!

  6. First, Nick is so cute!

    I think tossing in some tempo runs would be good. I think quality runs are much more important then quantity. I think as long as there is a day of speed/tempo and a nice long run in the mix you will be fine.

  7. LOL...I LOVE the picture. He is too cute when he smiles like that!!

    Just be sure to keep your long runs easy. Those are the ones you need to get you used to being on your feet for that long period of time.

  8. That is an AWESOME Nick picture!

    Your schedule looks good to me, but it's been awhile since I rana marathon, so I'm no expert.

  9. He looks so happy!

    Training plan looks good. I'm no expect, but if you are only doing one 20-miler, I'd suggest doing it 3 weeks before race day and maybe doing a shorter run the week before that.