Tonight was make your own pizza night with my cousins. I made the whole wheat dough (top) and bought a plain one for Bill and my cousin Mike. I made lots of veggies, the sauce, and meatballs for the guys. IT was really fun, I would totally do it again!!

I didn't try the veggie burgers yet but I made some pumpkin soup with veggie broth and pumpkin - it was super easy and I just through it together :)

Gluten Free Gidget sent me a fantastic looking veggie burger recipe that I must try! Thank you : )


  1. I love homemade pizza! Looks yummy!

  2. Andy and I do make your won pizzas a lot. We use the whole wheat dough from trader joes. It's always a good time and they are so much healthier than the Dominos we just ate!

  3. That homemade pizza looks SOOO yummy!!!