Staying at home is making me fat

...and ditzy too. For example on the no brain part - I just made kale. I put most of it in a bowl for dinner to saute later. I put a handful in a cup to make a smoothie (Haven't had one in a while). I took out the greens + powder and put it in the bowl for dinner. Ughhhh. Gross. I don't think anymore.

And yes, I have no self control over eating when I am at home. I try all these new recipes and am my own taste tester. I have food available to me all day long. As soon as I feel any sign of hunger, I can act on it (not so when at work). Oh well, I wouldn't change the staying at home/working thing but it does make it challenging. I wish I could continue the calorie counting - I just can't keep it together! I think blogging makes me fat too - reading blogs with all of these great recipes. Even though they are **mostly** healthy, it is still extra food like desserts. Check out this one for some yummy vegan recipes. I tried the banana bread yesterday but made it pumpkin - it was very sweet and tasted like cookie bars.

The long runs coming up. Ugh. I am not feeling it at all. I feel like 12 miles is all I want to do this weekend. And this week and next week are the heavy mileage weeks. Why am I not feeling it?? The GU should be a nice motivational boost but I'm wondering why I even signed up for the marathon? I wish my motivation didn't SUCK right now! Speaking of GU I "sipped" some of the vanilla gingerbread. Yum yum.. and yum. Definitely check that out. I have to get a hold of some chocolate mint ... Since I am swimming regularly - I think I might try to get into the triathlons and make that my 2010 goal. Maybe I need a break from running.

Check this out...
New blog that I read : Billie - she's training for Philly too! and has a little guy who is about a year older than Nick. She posts great recipes (mmm pumpkin pasta) and talks about running and healthy eating too! Too bad we don't live closer, I think she'd be a great running buddy! :)


  1. Not sure if you're interested or if I told you this already, but I started counting weight watcher points (I could NOT do the calories) and it's working. For some reason, it's so much easier for me.

    One reason I don't bake or try fun recipes is because I don't want to be tempted.

  2. You should definitely get into triathlons! You already swim and that is what is the hardest for most people.

    I actually found the opposite to be true about eating and being at work vs. at home. At work, so many people bring in food to share or we had cake all the time to celebrate various things. At home, I just don't bake much and I feel like I don't really take the time to eat proper meals and just eat what Elena doesn't most of the time. How horrible is that!

  3. I agree with Rebecca.... do triathlons! :)

  4. You made me smile when you said that blogging makes you fat! there really are a ton of great recipes.

    You are doing great and I agree with Rebecca, start training for tris!

  5. I was concerned that working at home would do it for me! So that's part of why my eat 9 servings of fruits and veggies challenge has been great. I also don't bake, I cook...baking means treats that I will eat...cooking means veggies

  6. Vanilla gingerbread GU? I wish I was running long runs right now so I could justify getting some. Maybe I can get some and store it for next year:)

  7. Thanks for posting me on your blog :-)!! And I'm actually running Philly!!! So I'll be in your neck of the woods!

    I hear ya on the non-motivated side of things. I think the hardest thing for me is not feeling like I'll be able to make my hopes of a BQ. I really don't know why I set out to do it when it is really hard for me to train properly. :-) BUT I not only set out to do BQ...I really just wanted to run a marathon that has some great views and historic sights. I want to be able to say I ran quite a few cool marathons so this one shall look nicely on the list, right?

    And I'm really jealous you're a swimmer! I say you should do the tris...I think it'd fit in better for your training since you already like to mix it up. I am trying to get into swimming BUT it is HARD!!!! Swimming and running are sooo different! I get so tired with the swimming. But I'd like to be able to do more than just run..so that's why I want to get into the Tri scene.

    Hope you get the motivation back!!!

  8. I would be in SO MUCH TROUBLE if I stayed at home. I am constantly going for the fridge and cupboards, or wanting to bake and eat everything. Ugh!

    Hope you find your mojo for the next couple of long runs. It will be worth it in the end!!!

  9. Wow, I can so relate to your post today!
    #1...the eating!! YEAH what is it about being at home?? It was nice when I worked full time because I would take only what I should eat during the day. The evenings home were a little tougher but at least it isn't the temptation of being home all day.

    #2 the runs...well your long run is longer than what I'm even training for and I still can't get motivated for a long run. I missed my long run saturday and I've been slacking on my shorter runs this week. I feel so burned out..I don't know if I will even continue training...I don't know what's wrong with me :-(

  10. We will definitely have to meet up! I am doing two 20s. I have a 12 miler this weekend and then my 2nd 20 next weekend. While I love to run...I am really looking forward to the taper!

  11. I think we've all been through the motivated vs not motivated stages... I totally remember times of being not motivated. You have other priorities right now and THAT'S OK. At some point it'll come back, and that might be a better time to run a marathon. Marathon's are HARD (as you know!) and since you already KNOW that you can do it, you may find yourself dissatisfied at the finish line if you don't really give it your all. Just something to think about- it wouldn't be the worst thing if you just bagged the marathon this fall and did it at another time when you REALLY wanted to, ya know? A triathlon might just be a better motivator for you right now? ;)

  12. I seriously doubt that you -- a running, nursing, vegetarian, mom -- is getting fat! That would defy all logic!

  13. I'm gonna try a triathalon next summer.. just to say i did it! that is if i can survive the swimming with out drowning!

  14. Thanks for the shoutout and link to my bloggie in your post!

    I dont think staying at home will make you fat IF you have portion control :)

    I stay at home and I make sooo much stuff as you know...but, I am also really active. But mostly, I just use portion control. I have bite or two of what I make, and then I'm done. Normally I wanted the taste of the thing, not the whole thing itself. That's where husbands, kids, neighbors, and randoms are the benefits of my kitchen creations :)

    Do you have pics of the banana cake? Would love to see em!

    Shoot me a comment if you post something on your blog!

  15. I hope you get everything on your wishlist!

    I have a similar 2010 goals with the TRIs... though I am really excited to run Philly this year, it's soooo hard to train for a marathon!

  16. When I was off on mat leave my backside was constantly hanging out of the fridge :-) But now I'm back at work I don't have time to eat/cook properly :-( I've lost count of the time that I've had cereal for dinner.