Rest Week

The schedule that I made from smartcoach on runner's world has my long run as 7 miles this week. I feel like I just started training 3 weeks ago and that I really don't need a rest week on the long run. So far I've done 13.1(race), then 12, 14 and 16. My plan is above. What do you think I should do this weekend?

As far as fueling, I haven't been doing it! I'm kind of skipping GU because I'm angry they didn't respond to my request to try out new products/write a review. Yep- I'm a ball buster like that. I used that stuff all through my pregnancy and was a gu poster model - so at least I feel I could use a response (and I've seen it on other blogs). As a result, I don't know what I'm doing mid-run for fuel. I haven't really needed anything? What are you using this season?

Today I made Danica's pumpkin muffins into bread, it was delicious. I didn't use bananas and I swapped ground nuts for almond butter. Yum yum! I also added some milk.

Heather's groat bread without the Stevia - YUM! This is basically some part of oats - groats - with water after being soaked overnight and baked. Delicious and simple!!! I may have to try this pre-run!

For Clare, I'll dig up my quinoa muffin recipe and post it.

Confession - I have not been to master's swimming in almost 2 weeks (it will be 2 weeks on Wednesday!) Last week I was way too tired when Nick had woke up in the middle of the night - he's been stuffy lately, then Bill was away one night, and the past 2 practices (friday, monday) I just could not get out of bed. I have to get back into it on Wednesday! I swam with my sister on Saturday and it felt GREAT - the whole 5am thing, puhh! I reason with myself at 4:30 am that I should sleep in while I can (not teaching).


  1. I know what you mean about companies not responding and then you want to boycott them! I've been treated the same way by many companies, but others are soooo generous. I just got a $140 umbrella stroller AND I get to give one away, but a company who has a $30 item won't even give me the time of day!

    You're right, I don't understand why they wouldn't respond to your request!

    I just bought some of these endurance cubes:http://www.quixtar.com/products/product.aspx?itemno=109168&ctg=617

    And they should be in a few days. This will be my first time using fuel as I am training for a half-marathon. I would like to mail you a few out of my box to try out as soon as I get them if you are interested. I am a distributor of these products.

  2. Are you going to do the two 20-milers back to back? That seems like a lot to me. But I am no expert :-). I mean it does make sense how they lined it up since you're on the 4th week of building up (the rules I've always seen is to drop back every 4).

  3. I'm not sure if i would do back to back 20 milers either... my training plan with hal had me do 20-12-20... that might work better- but i'm no expert either! :)

  4. Very cool about the recovery socks. I need to have someone send me a free pair to test out!!

    I agree with the previous posters about running 20 milers back to back. However, you have done marathons before, so if this has worked in the past than go for it.

  5. So glad you have discovered the awesomeness of Recovery Socks. Love the new lime green color!

  6. If you really just started training a few weeks ago, it does sound a little early for a rest week. How far are you taking the miles though for this training? 20? 22?

    I'm using the clif bloks this year. Margarita flavor cause they have 3x the sodium and I only drink water while I run.

  7. i bought barley yesterday. i'll get quinoa next!!!

  8. It looks like everyone else is giving you some fantastic advice. Since you are boycotting Gu maybe you could try another brand or a bar or banana to carry with you? I've seen people eat those. I am a big fan of Gu though too so I am not sure if I could go without. You are doing awesome with your training schedule - look at you go.

    Yeah for making the Pumpking Muffins - glad you liked them. I didn't use almond butter though....did you replace the pumpkin butter part? Your loaf looks fantastic :)

    Good luck with deciding on your training - go with what you feel, but, give your body a rest when it needs it. You don't want to injure yourself after all your hard work.

  9. Oh no! Wait, we want to be back in your good graces! My name is Devon, and I work for OutsidePR. Our client is GU. I'm sure they/we didn't mean to ignore you. There are tons of requests all the time for new products and samples, and sometimes (unfortunately) one slips through the cracks.
    You have to try to the new Vanilla Gingerbread Holiday GU. It's yummy! Also brand new- Pineapple Roctane (and its caffeine free!)
    So, what do you say? Can we hug it out?

    Give me a shout anytime. I'd LOVE to send you GU galore. :)
    devon (at) outsidepr (dot) com