the thanksgiving giveaway winner

#11 shellyrm.

Please send me your email (tosha25italia @ yahoo).

More to come later...


  1. Hey Natalie,

    I've just had to catch up on about a month's worth of your blog. I don't know where the time goes.

    Congratulations on your marathon. Like you said, time is just a number. And all the people that finished behind you would love the number. You finished even though you wanted to chuck it. Well done.

    I can't believe you're still nursing. That's hard-core. I lasted seven months and that's pretty good going on this side of the world. My Cairn has seven teeth, so there's no way he's going near me :-)

    Debs x

  2. Woohoo! Congrats shellyrm!

  3. Oh my Gosh!! (jumping up and down!!) I won! I feel like I should be getting a gatorade and banana shoved in my hands. I haven't won anything non-racey in a loooong time. Yipee!

    Thanks so much!! I looove getting stuff in the mail.