29 weeks and ready to be done

I feel huge and don't like any of my clothes. With Nick and at this point, it was cold out, so I could hide under sweaters and hoodies and sweats. This time, I have to go out and buy more tank tops, t-shirts and shorts. I get around w/ athletic gear all the time but whenever I have to get changed into something decent I am throwing clothes on the floor and cursing.   I took a picture this week because I had a comparison one. The one on the left is now, baby #2 and the one on the right is Nick at 29 weeks.
Can you tell my hips are bigger and there is just more weight on me?  I'm already at a higher weight than when I delivered Nick due to not losing all the weight from Nick- but I think that in the last 11 weeks it will kind of plateau.  I feel like I kind of dropped within the past 2 weeks. 

*I was just looking at what I wrote with Nick and most things are the same!
*I wanted an early baby and right now I feel that way too. With Nick though, by the time I reached the end, I was not ready and did not want him to come early!
* I was obsessed with Dove soap - haha. And I am again. It's like OCD and I love washing my hands with it and smelling it.
* I'm watching my belly button and I am going to freak out when it comes out. It didn't with Nick but I don't think I have as much luck this time around.
*I try to go to bed early but spend alot of time having breathing problems and having to sit up, trying to get comfortable... I'm not getting enough sleep and am tired most of the time.
* Running is hit or miss but feels better than the last several weeks for the most part. It's slow - 12/13 minute miles
*Swimming - I feel out of shape. I've been going 2x a week but I feel super slow and that it takes alot of effort.
*I don't have to get up in the night to go to the bathroom
*Heartburn - from tomatoes, cheese, anything somewhat spicy
*I have to go pee alot when I'm holding Nick and standing up

I've been craving Trader Joe's vanilla cake mix - and last time I went they didn't have any! I had some vanilla cake mix -betty crocker crap here so at night I have been making oatmeal with a scoop of it, a pat of butter and some milk with instant oats for a little sweet dessert.

For Mother's Day Nick slept in a little bit and hung out in his crib, which enabled me to get in a great run this morning (on the treadmill of course), 5 miles in under an hour!! woohoo.  Speed work??!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I loved being pregnant and giving birth and nursing although I remember with great detail that it was hard and often I had to choose the mindset of loving instead of hating the discomfort. Such hard work growing babies!
    Now that I am done I miss it very much. I saw tons of babies today and it was bitter sweet. I like this stage of my life but secretly I hope I get to do it again and for sure I hope that I have loads of grand kids!!!
    Your belly is adorable!

  2. You really don't look that much bigger to me. I wish I was that little at 29 weeks :-(

    At least you are still running and exercising, that is awesome!

  3. You look great Natalie, don't compare too much. part of it is just your body getting ready more quickly because it's "old trick" now.

    My belly button never popped out for either pregnancy, it just got flat so that there was no hole. And although you know this, try to get some rest, you need it!

  4. Hi Natalie,

    You really honestly don't look any different to me, but I know that we often feel little differences ourselves. I hear your trauma re: clothes - I totally had the same hissy fit the other day. My normal tops which have been OK until a couple of weeks ago are really gaping now and all my hoody tops come half way down my belly making me look ridiculous! SO... I cracked yesterday and went shopping for some maternity clothes to see me through to the end - some for warm weather too!

    I laughed at your list -
    wanting early baby but then not wanting it done
    - I swing between that.
    Breathing probs and needing to sleep upright = no sleep and feeling tired all the time - YUP - I HEAR YOU!
    My heartburn has reduced but I need to pee so often it is ridiculous!

    Belly button - I have an outy at all times so can you imagine what it is like at the mo'!!!!!!!! HA HA! My belly looks like a policeman's hat (British older fashioned ones if you know what they look like - if not google them and have a right good laugh to yourself!)

    I've had a bad exercise week too this week, but you're doing great and I just keep thinking what ever I do is more than so many - even the non-pregnant!

    Take care,


  5. Happy Mother's Day!! Have you considered a belly band? Obviously I haven;t had any experience with this company, but they seem to get a lot of good testimonials: http://www.ingridandisabel.com/

    And Kaz is right - you're doing way more in a consistent fashion than other non-pregnant people!!

  6. Thought you'd appreciate this :)


  7. Happy mother's day! You look fantasitc, but I totally know the uncomfortable feeling. And the huge feeling. Blech.

  8. hope you had a great mothers day!!

  9. Your bump is so cute. Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

  10. I don't think you look much different either! You're definitely still looking like a beautiful woman with a baby in there ^_^

    Hope you had a great mother's day.

  11. Hope you had a great day. I hope to still be running at 29 weeks, slow or not!

  12. I cannot tell a difference! I think you look great and I hope I look as good as you do when I'm prego!
    Any news on the names? Are you able to come up with anything yet that you're loving?
    Hope your mother's day was good - you are a great mom and I can't wait to see the new peanut! You're almost done! And, I'm sorry if that sounds as terrible as telling someone in a marathon at mile 18 that they're almost done! But you are! And you look fantastic!!

  13. You look great. I can't believe your belly button never popped. I thought I was going to be horrified by that but it was a non-event. And I don't know how you ever thought to mix cake mix with oatmeal but it sounds wonderful!

  14. ahhhh i love the stats!!! :) so cute!!! you are such a cute prego!!!!

  15. so cute! hope you had a great mothers day!