Calling for mom help!


Whew! Struggling with the naps here.  For the past 3 days we've attempted one nap with Nick after lunch, around 1pm. The first day he slept 2 hours. The second day he slept an hour and a half and today he slept about an hour and 45. He was taking 2 naps which averaged an hour and a half in the morning and same in the afternoon.  Sometimes his morning nap would be shorter or his afternoon one would be shorter, and usually he didn't fight either nap. Maybe I did not need to try one nap, but I thought maybe he'd sleep in more and get more rest which hasn't seemed to be the case. He's 15 months, and though I've been told at daycare they switch right around 1 year, my pediatrician said the average is 16 months, so he could go either way. I can't decide if I should stick it out and see if it gets better or just switch back to 2 naps. I need my time - it just got cut in HALF! Usually I would work out during the morning nap -especially on my running days! -and tutor during the afternoon nap.  Could you share your transition and why you made the switch?


Nick seems to be a real pain lately w/ food. Whatever I make him he will eat a few scoops and not want anymore. It doesn't seem like enough food and then if we are eating later he'll be hounding us for food.  I don't want to be a short order cook, but I also want to make sure he's getting enough of the good stuff.  I mean, I'll give him mac and cheese with some kind of veggie sauce from purees and he doesn't even dig that! I'm not sure what to do with that. Any tips in that arena?

I'm not eating enough fruits and veggies anymore.  If someone cooks them for me, I'll eat them, but I am getting real lazy about wanting to make them.  Maybe I should just get some amazing grass or greens plus and down smoothies to get them in? How many servings of fruits and veggies are in one serving of that stuff anyway?

7 months!

Tomorrow I will be 7 months pregnant! Crazy. 30 weeks just passed and I had Nick at 38 weeks. Does the trend of whether you had your first child late or early or on time follow suit for the rest of the children too? That would mean even less than 2 months to go. The differences with the seasons and being this pregnant: I prefer being able to wear sweatshirts and go incognito, not be sweating and wearing t-shirts and tank tops that reveal the actual size of my belly.  I've had to buy some t-shirts and tank tops and a pair of maternity khaki shorts, as well as a dress for an upcoming wedding. I hate being big and tend to like things that look tiny when they are hanging on the rack, and then when I try them on, and realize that I am huge, I don't like them!  Running still is going well - I was able to run 2 miles w/ the double jogger this morning and it felt good. Just a few weeks ago I was walking more than I was running when I took Nick out w/ the jogger. I used the double because it is so much easier to turn.


  1. We switched Zach to one nap at 15 months because that's when daycare switched him. I would go by this mood. If he seems to be adjusting fine to 1 nap, then it is probably time to switch.

    And Zach with Zach he was given food and if he didn't eat he didn't get anything else. He soon leared if he didn't want to be hungry, he'd eat. Trust me, Nick won't let himself go hungry long.

  2. As for naps, my 20 month old switched to just one nap around 17 months. Basically she started fighting her afternoon nap so I decided to drop her morning nap. Within the last month she has switched to a morning nap on her own, but no nap in the afternoon. Her nap usually runs between 1 1/2 hours to 2. She goes to bed at 7 and sleep s until 6:30/7 so averages close to 14 hours total.

    I have 4 kids, my 1st and 3rd (both girls) were early one at 38, the other 39, my 3rd was a week late and my 4th was a day late (both boys)... each pregnancy is different. I also liked being pregnant when I could hide it under bulky clothes. Good luck. :P

  3. Sorry I'm no help! I think it's good that u are running with the double bob so ur ready for baby 2! I think tight shirts look good on prego moms! Flaunt it while u got it sister! :-)

  4. andra dropped her morning nap on her own around 10 months. her one nap (usually at 11 or 12) is generally 1.5-2 hours, and she sleeps 12-13 hours at night. food...kind of in the same boat, no idea.

  5. I would go back to the 2 naps and see how that works. My son went to one nap at around 18/19 months and it was sketchy at first and now it is a solid 2-3 hour nap. Since he's almost 3 now, there are days when he doesn't actually sleep the whole time, but it is quiet time and free time for me!
    Good luck!

  6. With the naps: is he grumpy later on this new nap schedule? Is he sleeping more at night? If he is, he may still need the 2nd nap. He may also just not need as much sleep right now. He may be in a "not growing as much" phase. That might also explain the lack of interest in food and sleep. My kids always seemed to be cyclical when it came to sleeping and eating schedules. It is hard when they give up that 2nd nap, because you do lose your "me" time. Just wait until they give up naps all together ;)

    As for food, I found that when we were dealing with a lack of interest in food (or at least healthy food) I would push meal time off by a half hour or hour and they would be just that much hungrier and would eat the healthier options that they would spurn when they were just sort of hungry.

    As for going early or late based on past births, it really could go both ways. I went early with all of my kids (36.5 weeks. 37.5 week, a day shy of 38 weeks, 36.5 weeks and 34 weeks). After you have had a couple, it is easier to tell if you have a trend or it was just a fluke the first time!

    Good luck, pregnancy is definitely a unique experience. It is wonderful and so difficult at the same time.

  7. As for food Ethan goes through spurts where he eats good and then doesn't. Really as toddlers they eat several times a day and are really grazers. (bad for mommy I know, it's hard not wanting to eat when he does!). We eat pretty healthy so I give him things he loves to eat, carrots, homemade ww graham crackers, homemade granola bars, nuts, apples, organic cheese, etc. For the days he doesn't eat much protein I make a smoothie with raw spinach, kale, banana and whey protein powder. He loves it and it makes me feel better he's getting some protein. He also loves popcorn- so I'll pop some organic popcorn, toss in a little coconut oil and sprinkle on nutritional yeast. I consider more nutrition in the yeast ;-)

    Just experiment and see what he likes. Remember there is good protein in eggs, nuts and beans too if you are needing him to eat more proteins. Ethan LOVES beans so they are my staple.

  8. Maybe try putting him down for the one nap a little earlier? I've found that there's something to be said for "sleep begetting sleep," meaning sometimes the more tired they are, they actually sleep LESS! Baker has had the one-nap schedule since about 15 months old - wakes between 6-6:30, goes down for his nap around 11 and sleeps 2-3 hours, goes to bed between 7-7:30. If I try to push the nap later, like 1 PM, it's miserable for us all. Anyway, maybe he's just not ready! It's a hard transition.

  9. My daughters is the same as age Nick and is starting to transition herself to one nap a day. She goes down around 11:30 and wakes up at 1:00. Our party animal has also been staying up until 9-9:30 recently too. Be happy Nick goes to sleep at 7ish!

  10. I was also going to suggest putting him down earlier in the day because he might just be too tired to get good sleep. And he might not be ready yet, either. I think (I didn't keep good track of this!) Jackson started around 16 months.

    As far as food goes are you talking dinner? Is he eating with you guys? I know Jackson eats a lot better if we eat together. But he's also beginning to be a toddler so some things might change; things he used to love might not be it for him anymore.

    And I was the opposite; I longed to be pregnant in the warmer weather so I could wear shorts and t's because I think they are way cuter than the huge shirts in the winter:-). You don't look big; you look pregnant and you look great! Are you buying maternity stuff??? The ones with the ruched (spelling) sides are the best I think!

  11. I'd try and stick with two naps as long as possible, especially since you'll have even less time for yourself when baby #2 comes. My 3 year old is transitioning herself to NO naps already, and I'd do anything to go back! She goes through phases with eating too; hopefully Nick will be back to normal eating quickly.
    Nice job with the running! I can't believe you're already 30 weeks!

  12. No idea about naps - maybe in about 17 months I may be more help!

    Food - again no little, little 'un experience but from friends and experiences with young kids at school - if they're really hungry they'll eat, so offer the meal, if they don't eat fine, if they say they are hungry later re-offer the meal from earlier and no other option - like someone else said - they'll eat if they no there is no drama or other option involved - she said calmly before the baby arrives!!!!!

    I'm with Billie - I don't like the tent clothes - they just make me look huge everywhere. At least tighter tops define me as being preggers. You are so not big - even your bump is neat! I do sometimes get self conscious though coz there is no hiding that is for sure! I could imagine a wedding could feel a little overwhelming - we don't have any this year so one less thing to worry about. Bet you'll look fantastic though!

  13. My kid just started to stop sleeping for his afternoon nap. He was never much of a sleeper. I think you just read your kid's signals. I can't believe you are that far along now!! It will be coming before you know it :)

  14. Moana is on a similar schedule to Baker (Chapples, above). She usually sleeps 2.5 hours from 11:30-2:00ish. She kind of made the transition herself and I knew she was ready if she started to protest the morning nap.

    As far as eating goes, I heard these rules at my pediatrician's office and really liked them:

    WE (parents) decide:
    1. What is served
    2. When it is served.

    Toddlers decide:
    1. IF they will eat
    2. How much to eat

    So basically, give him a couple choices and if he doesn't want to eat, he won't eat. Let it go and eventually he will be hungry enough to eat at the next meal you choose to serve. ;)

  15. with naps, you really need to follow your son's signs. If he stops taking a nap (consistently) in the morning, then he's ready for 1. I personally didn't switch my son to one nap, he switched himself. I'm sorry I can't remember at what age, but it was somewhere in the 12-16 month area.
    Same with food, he'll eat when he's hungry. And he should eat what you make (or else you will be that short order cook). Tell him that if he doesn't eat now, then nothing until breakfast. And try giving him some ranch or ketchup - my son will eat most anything if he can dip it in something else.

  16. You're doing so well!!

    If you have one serving of the superfood powder stuff, it's 7 servings of fruits and veggies.


  17. My son, who is 19 months old now, moved to one nap around 14 months or so. We was napping from 9:30 to 10:30 and then from 1:30 to 3:30. We moved the afternoon nap earlier, so that he basically goes in to sleep right after lunch. Now he naps around 12 or 12:30 and he sleeps at least two hours. His bedtime is 8pm, if that matters. We only made the change becuase all of the other kids at daycare were sleeping with that schedule so he couldn't be the only one awake and preventing others from sleeping.

    For food, Jacob likes the Dr.Praegers veggie patties and broccoli bites, so we always have them in the house. I worry about him not eating, just because he is every so slightly underweight. I know he won't starve from one missed meal, but I worry. So I make sure he has a smoothie if he doesn't eat dinner (YoBaby makes them, or I just blend my own). I just want to make sure he doesn't miss out on calories. He doesn't tend to skip meals now that we all pretty much eat the same thing. He will usually eat things he sees us eat.

    (I think this is my first post to your blog...so, hi! btw!)

  18. Ok so this may be totally obvious, but I picked up a bunch of frozen fruit & veggies last weekend and have been making smoothies from them with a little plain yogurt. If you weigh out a few servings of whatever combo strikes your fancy you can pack in a bunch of nutrients at once - maybe even as a breakfast or lunch substitute. A good friend of mine runs a juice bar in Portland, Maine (the Maine Squeeze) and serves up the craziest sounding drinks, but they're all amazing. Find him on Facebook and ask for some suggestions, he's amazing, you'll love him!

  19. I am glad to hear that you like your BOB Revoluation double jogger. I think I will end up getting that one, too.