Happy Friday!  It's been a nice week, some hot temperatures and we tried out a little pool in our front lawn area yesterday.  Running this week hasn't been easy - I'm feeling alot of pressure and maybe some braxton hicks?  I don't know if I had any contractions w/ Nick because I didn't even know what it felt like but sometimes now I think I am having them. It's weird!  I've just been going with whatever I feel like this week with running nonetheless. Today I felt like swimming so I got up in time to catch the second half of the master's practice and then finished it out on my own. It was nice seeing the people that don't go on Saturdays - I haven't seen them in probably 2 months!

Here's my new outfit w/ shoes from the winnings the other day - fun fun!  I like the socks and shoes - shoes give me a whole new level of support and the socks are comfy! The shorts - love the material and they are great so far! The shirt - Love how it looks, but putting it on and figuring out how it goes is WORK! It has an inner liner of mesh and then the top is a soft material - frustrating to figure out!

All week I've been eating tons of hummus + nutritional yeast and water on bread, veggies, and I sauteed some tempeh because I don't know what else to do with it!!  Any tempeh ideas??

Naps - we're 2 naps some days and 1 nap other days, depending on what time Nick wakes up and if he'll go down or not for his morning nap. Yesterday he slept an hour and a half in the morning and 2.5 hours in the afternoon, the day before he slept 3 hours in one nap. The key so far for one nap - thanks for all the tips btw - is a 5 hour window. I was waiting too long to put him down. He can only be up about 5 hours.

Greens plus / Amazing Grass - I bought the kids powder of Amazing grass and have been making Nick banana softserve + frozen blueberries and some kale as a little sorbet. He likes it, and it's just about the only way I am getting fruits and veggies in right now.  Let's talk about the bars for a minute though. I picked up a few bars of each brand.  I don't know how I ever liked the Amazing Grass bars. They taste like pure cardboard to me right now. The Greens Plus are much more do-able! I love the Amazing Grass powder however!  The Greens Plus powder tastes the same to me also.  Does anyone really like the Amazing Grass bars?  Maybe pregnancy changed my palate.

Other than that, I bought this at whole foods - it was on sale and less than $4 and have been eating it out of the jar. Oops!

Anyone want a free coupon for Horizon DHA Chocolate Milk? I can't find it anywhere, so if you want it, just leave a comment and I'll pick if necessary randomly this afternoon.


  1. outfit is cute!!

    i could never bring that peanut butter into the house. it wouldn't last a day! have a great memorial day wknd!

  2. Love the outfit. Kinda weird that the top was hard to fugure out... hopefully you'll get the hang of it.

    Enjoy the White Chocolate Wonderful! Wish we had cool stuff like that here!

  3. You look so cute!! That white chocolate food looks awesome! I would be eating it out of the jar too :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. You are one cute pregnant lady! Congrats on the new clothes - love the blues!

    I would never buy that peanut butter for the very reason that you are eating it out of the jar...I have some self-control, but it would go out the window with white chocolate peanut butter!

    That said, I would like a coupon for the Horizon chocolate milk. :)

  5. It was so hot the last few days! Today feels wonderful with the cooler weather. I am impressed at how well Nick naps regardless of if it is 1 or 2. You look great and that running outfit is super cute.

  6. I agree with Shelly, you are the cutest prego lady! And Nick is getting so big :)
    It's cold and rainy here, ugh! I'm done with it! I want warm and sunshine!

  7. I have never seen that PB, but now it's my mission to find it. And also eat it out of the jar. Looks so delish! Have a great weekend.

  8. I'm loving the pic of you and Nick!!! U are looooking sooooo cute prego as always!!!!!

  9. Love the outfit! Wow you are getting tan!!!

  10. You're looking gorgeous, lady!! :)I'm still working on loving the Amazing Grass powder. I only put it in smoothies and even then they taste a little off. But it's so good for you!