Pea Toast and Five + bullet points

I saw this toast recipe in Parents magazine and made it. It was tasty!  I'd prefer to eat cheese, bread and butter all day long so this was a good trade off.

1 cup cooked peas + 3 T. olive oil + salt and pepper + lemon juice (I used lime) - food process and serve on little toasts (italian bread cut up and toasted)


*Running has been almost spectacular this week - I haven't had many issues and have felt good. I'm just running on the treadmill at this point. I'm thankful for it feeling good!

* I bought Nick the little car - ok - where is the legit handle?? It's an opening but I was expecting a real handle. In any case, he enjoyed it. The floorboard is in for now. It was $40 at amazon.

* The baby is in such an uncomfortable position right now. I swear it is a girl that is tormenting me like I torment my mom.  Right above my belly button there is just this sore spot and pushing out. I don't know what it is(hand/foot??), but it is not a comfortable thing. Monday marks 7 months, I cannot believe it.

*I've been making fudgie babies and having them little by little as crumbles instead of forming them into balls. It's totally a dessert type thing but I eat it first thing in the morning since I can't have too much caffeine and especially not later in the day.

*reading food blogs, especially dessert recipes makes me hungry and makes me want to make things. I like the ones where it is mostly healthy stuff and that is what I am going to focus on posting here too!

* I'm totally unmotivated to make dinner most nights. I keep recycling the same recipes and I need something new!

* I'm game for a triathlon next spring. I want to do an Olympic distance one. Where to even start looking?

*I've already started thinking about how I am going to manage working out when I have 2 kids.  I guess nap time is going to be huge.

* I think I am starting to transition Nick to 1 nap. He's 15 months + 1 week. When did you make the switch? I'm torn whether I should do it or not but he's not consistent with the length of his 2 naps anymore and gets up around 630 - I feel like maybe he'd sleep longer in the mornings once he goes to the one nap. Torn?!


  1. Mmm, those peas look good. I bet it would make good veggie dip too!

    Sorry I don't have any advice about the nap situation. Ethan stopped taking his morning nap around 8 months! His afternoon nap is usually around an hour to hour and half. Maybe my next child will be a better sleeper...

  2. I want to become a faster 5ker..any advice or articles to read about how to go about doing this?

  3. My 15 month old stopped the 2nd nap around a year. He now goes down around 10:30 to 11:00 and sleeps for about 3 hours...sometimes 4. He usually wakes at about 7:00am and goes down for the night at 7pm.

  4. I found my kids phased themselves into the 1 nap a day. If you want to go to just one, try keeping him up just a little bit longer before putting him down, it may mess up your afternoon nap schedule for a while, but eventually he should start sleeping just a little longer on that one nap and not need the 2nd one.

  5. I had set aside the pea toast recipe from Parents Magazine, but haven't tried it yet! Good to hear you liked it!
    My 20 month old stopped his morning nap about 2 months ago. I was VERY nervous, but he transitioned great! He was also becoming inconsistant with the 2 naps, so that is how I knew he was ready. I moved his lunch earlier from 12 to 11 or 11:30, since he is usually ready to crash around 12. He sleeps for at least 2 hours now, sometimes 3 -4. He also used to be up around 6 or 6:30 in the mornings, but now it's more like 7 or 7:30, which is great :).
    Hope this helps! And hope that baby stops poking you for a while!

  6. Moana did a transition from 2 to 1 nap around 14 months I think. It took about a month and I never knew if she was going to need the morning nap or not... sometimes she did and sometimes she didn't. It was a confusing month for me but eventually she got on the one nap schedule and I really like it a lot better. Wake time is longer so we can go out and more fun things. :)
    And about he triathlon... stop by your local bike shop and usually they will have some sort of free publication (like a magazine) that lists all the local races and usually has entry forms as well. Otherwise you can do a search on Active.com for local events. You cna usually count on annual events so if you look to see what races happened this year, you're likely in for the same events next spring. :)

  7. I hear you about the poking! I swear my baby ran an ultra marathon on my ribs and diaphragm 2 nights ago - not a pleasant experience!And last night found me hanging over an exercise ball in a vain attempt to get a comfy pos!

    I too am so unmotivated to cook. I find it really hard to visualise what I fancy eating and so then have no idea what to cook. Been pretty crap actually - rather glad I don't have another baby to feed as poor Al has had to fend for himself a lot!

    Glad running is feeling better.

    Good luck with the nap thing - sounds like he is ready to make the transition.

    We have a magazine called tiathletes world here - perhaps you get it there too and that might help.

    Right off to do a trial drive to the maternity unit as it is notoriously difficult to find apparently - how helpful!
    Take care,


  8. I think went to 1 nap around a year and she would go down around 11am.

    The best resource I found for local triathlons is a calendar on a site called Liberty Sports Magazine. libertysportsmag.com

  9. good for you for wanting to try a triathlon, I always think that triathletes are the ultimate athletes!

    Food blogs make me hungry too...the food always looks so good! haha

  10. Interesting idea with the peas! Hope you can come up with some new dinner inspiration soon. I'm no help... I eat the same few things over and over and none of those could be considered "recipes".

  11. the pea recipe sounds great!! what a great idea...going to try that this week!

  12. I don't mind the head(s) above my belly button, but A kicking my crotch needs to stop! Little stinker. :o)

  13. I love the pic of nick in his new ride! hes so cute! now all he needs is some driving shades and a horn! LOL

    i hope your having a girl!!!! ahhhhh excitement!! tell her to be nice to mommy! :)

  14. That pea receipe looks good! You can also do almost the same thing and make it into a pea sauce for pasta. Saute half an onion in butter, olive oil. Blanch the peas (I usually use the large bag of frozen fresh peas) while the oinons become translucent. When the peas and onions are done transfer to the food processor and blend. While blending add in 3/4 - 1 cup vegitable or chicken stock to thin it out. Season with salt and pepper. You can use the sauce over pasta with a little parm cheese! One of my fav veg receipes!

    Glad you're still running! And I'm excited to follow you next as your try a tri :)

  15. Adam started wanting only one nap around 1 year...he just wouldn't go to sleep in the morning and eventually just weaned himself off the AM nap. Now, he goes down for a nap between 1 and 2pm, and usually sleeps for a couple hours at least. Sometimes less, sometimes more - but I'd say usually around 2 hours. He goes to bed around 8:30pm and sleeps until around 7:30-8am..wooot!

  16. I've been looking on http://www.trifind.com and it seems to be pretty all inclusive, at least when looking for races around here. I've done a few sprint triathlons, but it's been a while. I think I'm going to do another in June, but it's just really hard because I have nowhere to swim (except the lake) and I have a mountain bike instead of a road bike. I've love to do some longer triathlons someday (an Ironman is on my bucket list) but I HATE biking. I guess I just need to get over it!

    Can't wait to hear about triathlon adventures, but looking forward to new baby adventures first!

  17. I don't have a 15 month old yet, but at Norah's daycare, they transition all the 1 year olds to one nap a day -- right after lunch, that's the timing they encourage.

  18. Mhhh.... those look delicious. I will have to try making them.

    Happy to hear that you had a great week of running and sorry to hear that the baby is pushing above the belly button.