broad street !

Hey, if anyone did Broad Street yesterday or in the past can you take a look at my article and leave a comment at the bottom of it- how did you think they did preparing for the heat, or your thoughts or experience in the past?
I'm trying to get more comments on it, and to get it up there on google search engines :)
I would love to know what you thought about yesterday's race or previous races - the corrals, the crowd, volunteers, runners...



  1. I ran it yesterday, and thought they did a great job of providing extra water stations. I also appreciated the sprinklers! I carried a handheld water bottle with me, but did stop and refill it a couple of times from the water stations. The friend I was didn't carry water, and was very grateful for the water they supplied. The only complaint I have (which I mentioned on my post yesterday) was that the area just past the finish isn't adequate to contain so many people. It was brutal trying to navigate through there after the race.

  2. I thought they did a really great job with the fire hydrants, water stops, etc. My only complaint was the porta-potty nazi (see me post today), but that's not a real complaint.

  3. Oh I always hear lots about broad street being a fantastic race