When I was pregnant with Nick, I was also training for Boston, so I kept my mileage up around 30 miles a week, no matter how dreadful or how long it took to complete that. Up until 30 weeks, I have been able to hit 30 miles almost every week until last week when I got sick and that was cut in half. Usually my week starts on Tuesday and I have been doing 5 miles in the morning before Nick gets up and 5 in the later morning or afternoon. This morning it didn't feel the best, and I kind of wasn't digging doing another 5, so I did another 1 while Nick was napping. I started thinking what my mileage should be - whatever I feel like doing each week?  Maybe the 30 miles is forcing me to run, but it is also giving me a goal. I need some kind of goal for each week to strive for - I don't know what my goal should be.  What should I aim for?

Groceries. I was being so good about the food shopping and keeping the costs down as much as possible until I started reading the organic produce articles and started buying more and more organic foods. For the first time this month, our grocery bill went over $450, it had been around $350-400 for a few months. I'm bummed!

Nick has become kind of a pain eater!  One thing I just started giving him is the Greens + powder as a smoothie with frozen bananas and frozen berries - he seems to dig it.  I think it is ok for him to eat.   I also have a box of Amazing Grass pb protein bars around because once I got pregnant I decided they tasted like cardboard. Does anyone else feel that way? I used to think they were delicious! Now it's a struggle to get them down - but Nick likes them!  I have to go get the ones that aren't coated in chocolate as well as some kids powder for the Amazing Grass.  At least he's getting in some nutrients.
He'll eat peanut butter on crackers, he ate oatmeal this morning, bananas most of the time... but he's getting so picky!

Remember I mentioned I won a prize for answering a blog comment - 6 words - what did Broad Street mean to you?  It was a random drawing but my 6 words were: bonding experience with 30,000 other runners.  I went to get my prize today from Philadelphia Runner and it was awesome! I got to pick out a new pair of sneakers and the guy working looked at how I walked and my shoes and told me that I overpronate. The last time I went they told me to get neutral shoes but I think my stride is totally different from being pregnant. This time I picked out stability shoes - Mizuno Wave Nirvana 6. I liked the color over a different pair that was bright green, though I liked them too!

I was trying to find a matching outfit, but that wasn't working out so much for me so I got a PUMA shirt - tank top w/ built in bra - I don't have any of these and it's sparkly at the bottom - big fan! It matches the shoes :)  It was funny trying this stuff on with a big belly - hopefully soon I can look normal wearing it.

and  a pair of socks (Feetures) and Asics "Favorite Short."   Have you heard of Feetures socks? I hadn't so I figured I'd try them. I'll let you know what I think!

I was looking for something to match the shirt but no luck. Regardless, I loved being able to go in and just pick out whatever I wanted, how fun is that? Might be the coolest prize (besides straight up money) that I've ever received!! Thank you Philadelphia Runner and Phillymag.com!


  1. Wow that is so cool about the shoes and outfit! Super nice! Let us know what you think about the socks. I need some more running socks.

    I know, organic does cost a little more. I do good if I'm not buying a lot of processed organic foods. I also buy a lot of beans. I try to do one meatless night because my husband HAS to have meat.

    I have never ran 2 times in a day. I figure if I don't get it in the first time it's not happening.

  2. Yeah Organic can be expensive. Totally agree with Chari - if your hubby can stand not eating meat every night (personally I hardly eat any and just don't understand the need for it every day) then beans are way cheaper and reduce your bill enormously.

    Great prize! I was told by a friend in my club to go get my feet re-looked at for trainers after pregnancy because both times her gait changed enormously - no wonder, my feet feel like they are getting flatter and flatter daily wit the weight that is on them! Ha ha!

    I think you must be one determined chickita to get through 30 miles/week. I've maxed out at 15miles (well I think I did 20 one week when I was on hol)that wasn't always running with Pilates on top of that (so 5 days /week). I've found that a really nice balance. My belly is so big now that I had to wear my support belt for a 3 mile walk yesterday and so there will be no more running until post pregnancy I think. I'll still be heading to the pool/gym though! My goal has been to maintain my fitness, listen to my body, keep doing what I can for as long as I can so that getting back to it is easier and I've enjoyed the freedom of that and cannot wait to get back to proper fitness. I've also really enjoyed my pilates and cutting back on cardio days (2) has allowed me to do that and still have energy to do other things. I don't know if that is helpful or not - if you're enjoying 30 miles then great, if not and your body needs to recover then great too. Remember if you are training for an event you have weeks of lower mileage to let your self recoup and taper and post race recovery, so maybe you could tie that in to give yourself a breather.

    You've also just had a bug, so be kind to yourself!!!!

    Take care,


  3. What did you write to win the contest? What did Broad Street mean to you this year?

  4. I love the new stuff! your kicks are awesome!

  5. Ooh wow! Awesome prizes!!! As for your mileage, I say do whatever feels good to you! You are awesome and have kept up running 30+ miles a week for 30 weeks! Hands down awesome!

  6. Wow, what a great prize! I like your choices!!

  7. Why do you feel like you have to aim for a certain mileage when you are pregnant? Personally, I think you should take each day at a time and just run or do whatever you feel like doing that day. Pregnancy is the perfect time to NOT worry about mileage, training, and meeting specific goals. If you are running you are probably doing better than 90% of other pregnant women out there so don't be so hard on yourself! You are doing great, just enjoy pregnant running for what it is! :)

  8. Congrats on winning all of the loot! Isn't it strange how kids will suddenly "turn off" to foods that they had been eating? It was always a source of frustration to me. At least your son is still eating a variety of healthy foods.

  9. congrats!! free shopping! how fun!

  10. Congrats, how fun! My daughter started getting picky at about the same age, and now she's eating everything again. I think they just go through phases. At least it sounds like Nick is still eating pretty healthy!

  11. I love the new picture at the top, it's beautiful!!!

    ahh a free shopping day, sweeeeet

  12. Congrats on your winnings! Emma has become very picky about food too and I was thinking of trying Amazing Grass for her....do you just mix it with milk and fruit? I need to get more veggies in her! It's so frustrating...she used to be a great eater!

  13. What a cool prize! I'm not much help on the goal since mine is to simply run 4 days a week. I can't imagine 30 miles. :o) Is there a little 5K or something you can close to home? Maybe get some friends to come too?

  14. cute new clothes!

    20-30mpw is a pretty standard "not-training" weekly mileage if you can keep it up. obviously pregnancy gives you a 'few' excuses :)