I was sent a trial pack of Cheribundi to review - it came with 4 cute little 8-oz bottles of cherry juice (they are adorable!).  Cheribundi is Cherry juice. They offer 3 varieties - Skinny Cherry, Whey Cherry and Tru Cherry:

Tru Cherry is their original juice. There are 50 cherries in 8 ounces of the juice.

Skinny Cherry is the lighter juice diluted with water and sweetened with Stevia. 40 cherries/8oz

Whey Cherry is the protein juice - it is cherry juice with whey protein added in. 45 cherries/8oz.

Why cherries: (from the website)
Cherries have a powerful combination of these nutrients, which provides more benefits than any other fruit or other good-for-you foods like tea, wine and other juices. Includes anthocyanins, melatonin, phenolic acids, flavanoids/flavonols/flavanols

My thoughts:
These babies are tart!! I love cherries and enjoyed the juices. All natural - not from concentrate. My favorite was the skinny - I found it less tart than the other 2 and like the lighter flavor.   The juices reminded me of POM juice but of course with a different fruit flavor.  I enjoyed it just as a juice and didn't get too creative with it.

Interested in trying it? Check out the where to find page.
I wasn't a big juice drinker until I got pregnant with Nick and the nutritionist recommended I drink it for more fruit/veggie servings.  I still just sip it here and there.

What is your favorite juice?


  1. That is a great idea to drink juice for more veggies/fruits while pregnant. Sometimes it is so hard to find veggies appetizing in the first trimester. I think I will definitely try that stuff.

  2. I also got a package of this to review, but haven't done so yet. I am looking forward to trying them!

    I don't drink a lot of juice. However, I do love POM in moderation! Sometimes I really crave a glass of strawberry/banana/orange juice!

  3. I like using POM in smoothies, but i don't drink a lot of juice due to the high calories...so using some in a smoothie is a good way for me!

  4. I am going to review that soon too!! Thanks for the heads up :)

  5. Yum, I love super tart ;-)I love juice, but don't drink much of anything anymore because of the extra calories. I just read on a blog about watering down juice though so I may give that a try.

  6. What cute little bottles! Can't say I've tried cherry juice. I wouldn't mind mixing that into a smoothie!

    I love good old OJ!

  7. I usually dilute fruit juice to either 60: 40 juice to water as I find 100% freuit juice a bit sweet and not very thirst quenching. If I'm using juice as a far healthier electrolyte drink it is usually about 50:50 with a pinch of salt.

    I love Tropicanna pineapple juice (about the only thing I could drink in T1)and Copella apple or apple and pear or apple and elderflower (v refreshing).I've never been able to make my peace with veg juice though - ugh - there are not many things I dislike but oooh!

    Cherry juice sounds like a good idea because out of season they are so expensive but so good for you.

  8. I don't drink juice. Too sweet for me.

  9. I got to try some too and like you the skinny was my favorite. I like it better than POM, to me it is less tart/

  10. i actually don't like juice. maybe there's some i would like but i've never had anything other than apple when i was little. i haven't had juice in...i actually don't even know.

  11. I've never heard of that stuff. Interesting. I've been drinking prune juice in my smoothies since I first found out I was pregnant. It, um, was pretty necessary in the first trimester. :o)

  12. I'm not a huge juice person myself. They also sent me their juices to try and though I like it, it gives me some crazy heartburn!