16 weeks and more marathon thoughts

So today I'm pretty sore. My right knee started hurting around mile 23 yesterday and it's the kneecap - my knee is sore, and also I have shin splints and my quads are sore. I love being sore though, do you? I used to always record what shoes I was wearing and the mileage and I stopped doing it when I had kids. I am positive that my shoes need replacing and probably are to blame for the shin splints and my knee pain.  Time for some new shoes. Here are some of my favorite pics from my mom's phone:

stealing Nick's water - they ran out of cups

at mile 22
hugs at the finish!

Breakfast was a scoop of peanut butter with coconut oil and amazing grass and 1/2 a clif Z bar. I had 3 chocolate clif gels and 1 razz clif gel along the way. I think the first was around 7/8 miles, maybe even 10 miles, then 15, 20, 23/24. I had zero plan and just took them when I felt like I needed them. I also had a bag of sport jelly beans along the way. I really like those things! Post race I was hungry! I ate a power bar, pretzels, a chocolate milk, a coconut water, and then veggie quesadillas at the diner we stopped at post-race. It was fun having the kids there and able to function. We got home and they napped so it was perfect!

Check out the comparison of times:
Marine Corps 10/30
Philly 11/20

 Half for Marine Corps was 2:13:57, 30K 3:15:19...

About 100 yds to the finish, I should have taken Nick with me!

15/16 weeks were kind of a milestone - i feel like my stomach popped out, my boobs started hurting and got bigger, my regular sweaters aren't flattering anymore...
I don't look obviously pregnant to the general public but probably obvious to people who know me.  Every week I feel like I have a different craving. Last week I was eating alot of Fritos and the past month York Peppermint Patties! I'm kind of just eating whatever I want but I get full quickly!


  1. Great race! Those were some cute phone photos too.

  2. yay good job! That's awesome you are doing marathons pregnant :D

  3. No wonder you are sore today and even more, no wonder you were hungry - that babba was probably like: "hey mum, where's the grub, I'm a busy little bee bobbing about in here!"
    Get some new shoes for goodness sake - maybe even get a gait analysis because I'm sure it will have changed since babies.
    I do like feeling post exercise sore, but I don't like knee pain or shin splints.
    My boobs exploded as soon as I was preggers with Murray - I reckon if/when I have number 2 it will be a dead give away to those that know me.

  4. You did an amazing job!!!! Rest up and enjoy the holidays!

  5. Oops, 2nd trimester! So will you run a marathon in your 3rd also? ;)

    I also enjoy the soreness, as long as it's not 'injury' soreness. Get yourself some new shoes.

    Great photos!

  6. You look so cute in all the pictures; Congrats on a great day! Now go satisfy some cravings.

  7. Hi! you saw us!? that is so funny! small world! what a perfect day for a marathon! and yes, I love feeling sore and not being able to walk up and down stairs (well not really the stairs part haha but i do love feeling sore because its proof that you worked your butt off out there!). congrats on the marathon! the photos are so cute! and you are pregnant! oh my goodness! what an inspiration you are! I love how 2 days after the marathon I am still milking the fact that I ran a marathon and making excuses to eat things. I came home from class today and finished off some brownies and ice cream (didnt even eat dinner yet!) and told myself that it was COMPLETELY okay becuase I just ran a marathon. YOU NEED THE REFUELING! hahahaha love your blog, by the way!

  8. Yay! Another race down. That's a really cute series of pictures of the race and finish with Nick.

  9. Who were you trying to kid? We weren't falling for the act that you might stop at the 1/2 way point :)

    Congrats on another marathon! We'd like to add to try to add a sibling for Emily in the next year. This is inspiring. Hope I can be an as awesome as you!

  10. Kaz comment cracks me up! Glad to hear you had a great time, that is important!