New Clif Shot Blok Flavor: Citrus

I had the opportunity to get a free sample of the Clif Citrus Shot Bloks - their newest flavor. I thought it was somewhat repetitive since they have lemon-lime. Isn't that what citrus is? I thought they tasted similar to the lemon-lime but maybe more subtle? So if you think the lemon lime is strong, try the citrus flavor!  What flavor would you like to see?

From Clif:
CLIF SHOT BLOKS come in eight flavors, including three with green tea extract as a natural source of caffeine, which studies have found improves endurance capacity.
In addition to Citrus, CLIF SHOT BLOKS are available in Black Cherry (50 mg caffeine), Cran-Razz®, Margarita (with 3X the sodium), Mountain Berry, Orange (25 mg caffeine), Strawberry and Tropical Punch (25 mg caffeine).


  1. I like the strawberry ones...I can't do too much flavor with these. I need to try out more flavors though!

  2. I've seen all those flavors online - but my local stores only have the Strawberry. I might have to get some online to try them out! Sounds yummy.

  3. Anything non-fruity! Maybe chocolate or coffee?

  4. I don't know that'd I'd like citrus. I like their Black Cherry, that's about it.