Philly Marathon '11 report

I lined up at the start this morning not knowing if I would be running half or the full marathon. I was leaning towards the half as of yesterday because I didn't feel like spending 5 hours running today...here was my thought process around miles 10 until I saw the divider - TO THE HALF MARATHON FINISH (go right) or FULL MARATHON this way. - I'm running pretty well, faster than MCM -maybe I'll beat my time?
- Can I handle a slow half marathon time?
- I'm starting to cramp up a bit, should I just stop?
- I can stop and watch the finishers come in, and do media coverage (for examiner)
- I will stop and enjoy myself and get a massage and take my time getting home!
- Maybe I should just go for the whole thing, I have a streak going and this year I'm supposed to do the full
- Should I really do this?
- I signed up for the full, will they give me a medal if I stop at the half? Can I handle no medal?

And that was it my friends. I wanted a medal and to follow through on what I signed up for. And so it was.  And at mile 14, I was like, WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING? Should I turn around NOW? Or go to mile 15 and turn around?  Can I just show up at the finish and ask for a medal and somehow pretend I finished without crossing the line? Maybe I should just do this thing. Am I really going to do this?

I felt like I was being total irrational and somewhat crazy to even consider going all the way out to Manayunk but I just kept running and I was in good spirits. My poor parents, Bill and the kids were awaiting what I was going to do and my mom kept texting me "do we have a decision?" they were coming for the second half of the race. I got to see them at mile 22 which was awesome, and then again right before the finish. By that point, I was barely running, it was like a speed walk/jog. I got pathetic and it all went downhill pretty quickly around mile 14. It probably would have been good to stop at 13, but I don't regret finishing. I kind of like the no-stress marathon, but man, it would be nice to run a fast marathon and not spend so much of your day on your feet, wouldn't it? And the pride too!

I finished in over 5 hours - my first over 5 hour marathon 5:10. The last 2 miles I was pretty much hurting and trying to keep moving, and from mile 18 on, I loved cheering on other people (LOVE the names on the bibs, stellar!) It was really fun, I think 20 miles would have been a good ending distance. :)

I got to see Abby at the start, the first 100 yards! She did awesome and PR'ed! And Run to the Finish was out smiling in Manayunk - got to see her too!

Got my medal, and my pride, and #7 complete.

The pictures:

Pooped out from watching

had a great time watching

#1 fan

eating all my post race snacks to stay happy

future marathoner

and she's awake as we're ready to leave!


  1. I can't believe you just ran another marathon! Your a rock star, congrats!

  2. Congrats on the marathon! Great that you saw so many bloggers!

  3. ABSOLUTELY awesome that you kept on and did the full!

  4. My first and only so far marathon was way over 5hours, just gives me a reason to keep on trying them so I will hopefully get one under 5! Nice Job!! Kiddos are adorable!!

  5. Nice work, my friend. You'll get the speedy marathon. In the meantime, you can keep being that crazy pregnant lady ;)

  6. I love that you made the decision at mile 14! :) That's some mental toughness! Congrats on marathon #7!!!

  7. Wow wow wow, not one but TWO marathons in your first trimester of this pregnancy??? Congrats!

  8. Are we going to be reading about and debating you like the lady who just ran Chicago? Lol! Great job!!!

  9. seriously we are so nutz! who feels compelled to run 26 miles when we aren't ready :)

    wish we could have actually caught up for a bit! stinks to have been in the same town and missed out! great job on enjoying the day and putting another one in the books

  10. Congrats on another pregnancy marathon! I've enjoyed following your blog but haven't commented before, but you inspired me to start blogging my own running story, so thanks! :)

  11. First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy! That is so exciting! Second of all, I CANNOT believe you ran a marathon while you were pregnant! I am SO amazed and just blown away by that! I think I found your blog last year because I wanted to try running while I was pregnant and I was looking for inspiration from women who ran in their pregnancies. Anyway you are definitely inspiring but I just couldn't do it! I could barely imagine running 2 miles let alone 26.2! You deserve a medal AND A trophy for that! WTG!

  12. Are you the person Abby said hi to just past the start line with the awesome socks?!

  13. Wow, amazing! Congrats of the finish. Can't imagine running a marathon while pregnant!