Part 2 of my MCM experience

I'm sorry for the wait! Coming home to Halloween was a good move, lots of walking and lots of candy!  First the picture version:

metros were PACKED!

great view on our one mile + walk to the starting area

around mile 22ish? Thanks Nicole!

another shot with a smile here by Nicole :)

never thought I'd make it! :) haha



super cute shirts my sister made

Bill who was at 18,22 and the finish, great spots!!

pretty cool map of all where we ran

So to recap, miles 1-10 were pretty brutal with crowds and I was in a very negative state of mind. I ran 1-5 with my sister but when she started weaving, I didn't have the energy to follow anymore. One day we'll finish a sub 4 marathon together. Mile 11 my buddy Nicole who lives down there joined me and ran with me until mile 24!  Mile 12 they gave out Clif gels - and my plan was the snickers and milky ways but I wasn't feeling them so luckily, Nicole grabbed me some gels! chocolate flavor too. I was digging them at the time and they were delicious! I had a snickers at mile 7, chocolate gel at 12, another gel around 18, some beans and clif bloks from there to the finish and a chocolate munchkin at mile 24 :)   There was a hill to the finish and at that point I was laughing picturing what I looked like. I wish I had a video of that. It was hilarious!

I loved all the stuff they were handing out, and the only thing I'd ask for is more water stops!  So here were my splits:

I'm not sure why I'm running like garbage right now, I do have an announcement that another baby is on the way, but seriously, these paces are ridiculous regardless.  I wasn't looking at my watch and didn't really care at the time but it makes me mad looking at this now (and kind of not care).  I had way too much going on leading up to this which made my training stink. First I found out I was pregnant in August. My running took a toll for the worse pretty quickly because I was out of breath. Then our house sold so the whole moving process drained me for sure. And overall just attempting to train with the 2 kids - I wasn't into it. So here is marathon #6 in the books under 5 hours at 4:56 and my worst marathon time ever.  My sister ran a 4:09 which would have been a PR for me too, so I'm bummed that I wasn't in shape to run that 4:09 with her.  It was a good time (not clock time) and I'm glad I finished it and someday I will run a marathon under 4 hours. Probably not for another 12 years or so.

I did sign up for the Philly full marathon back in the spring when it opened and they were running a deal, so there's a chance I may run another 5 hour marathon. I do think it's cool how much ground you cover and maybe I'm just not a real marathoner that PRs, just a leisurely one that can run for 5 hours just to get it done and enjoy the weather and sites. We'll make this one a game time decision. I can't believe I am even considering it!


piglet and sir topem hat


  1. There you go, just throwing it in there again :)

  2. Congratulations on the pregnancy and on finishing MCM! You are one inspiring momma...

  3. Oh my gosh you sneak! Congrats!!!!! I'm amazed by how you do it all. You are seriously the energizer bunny.

  4. Holy macaroni! Congratulations! I am amazed at all you do anyway - not to mention that you're in your first trimester right now. You rock momma!

  5. Congrats - not only on the marathon finish, but more importantly that there's a new little one on the way! :) That's awesome!

  6. Wow, congrats on the marathon and the baby! I think you did amazing- the race sounds crowded but in the end you finished it with some great friends and a baby on board. Absolutely incredible. You are such an inspiration. Congrats again!!! :)

  7. Ahhhh!!! Congratulations! Your amazing you trained for and ran a marathon while pregnant, with 2 kids, packing, moving, unpacking!?!?!? Seriously amazing! Congrats again.

  8. Okay, I'm glad I'm not the only one who was like, "wait... did she just say she was PREGNANT?!" Ahhhhhhh! Congrats! That's fantastic. Screw the marathon, you're going to have another little baaaaaaaby!!!!

  9. Congrats on both baby and marathon!!

  10. You crazy lady! I was thinking oooops - she'll have to correct that typo - and then I realise you ARE preggers! God lady - you're a baby making machine! Such great news! I can't believe you just ran a marathon preggers! It's really wierd, coz I was thinking just the other day when you would have your next! I 2nd Xcountry2 - screw the pace - another little dude or dudess!

  11. Ummmm ok blah blah blah I'm pregnant again...Ummm that could explain a few things!!! You have had so much going on and on top of that being pregnant! You are such a rock star!!

  12. hahaha........you have me laughing cause I so wanted to make a "pregnancy" remark on your "3" post the other day!!! I had that feeling!

    congrats!!!!! I'm guessing you are probably due in April? :-)

  13. Congrats on the pregnancy! Exciting!