Drink SILK with your cereal! (giveaway)

I stopped drinking regular milk a while ago! My top choice for milk has been almond milk for almost everything, including with my cereal.  I was contacted by Silk to try having Silk with my cereal and they sent me complimentary coupons to try it out.

Silk sells 3 different varieties but 17 choices (chocolate, unsweetened, vanilla, etc) including the ones that I picked, PureAlmond (original) and PureCoconut (original).  I tried both and PureAlmond was the winner but I would use both over milk. The almond is very subtle - the coconut definitely has a clear coconut flavor! I would describe both as creamy and light. I really like them!

I used this fun bowl that you can transport your cereal and Silk in. You put the Silk in the blue part and it stays cool. The white part goes underneath with your cereal, a lid goes on the blue part, there's a spoon with it too and voila! You can bring cereal and Silk to work or wherever you are going!

Want to try it out? Take the 10 day challenge! On the website there are ideas for 10 days of using Silk! I would start with your cereal but all of the ideas are great!

* Silk contains more calcium than typical dairy milk.      
* Most people prefer the taste of Silk Vanilla to typical dairy milk
on their cereal.

I've heard the dark chocolate silk is amazing - have you tried it?
Check out their website where you can print a coupon and see all their varieties!

You can also like them on Facebook! and follow them on twitter

Now for the giveaway! One lucky random (US only) winner will get a Silk cereal bowl, 2 Silk coupons, and a Silk ChicoBag. Do you want to win?

Mandatory entry -
Leave a comment with what you currently eat your cereal with. Skim milk, almond milk, etc.

Extra bonus entries - leave a comment
(+1) Like Silk on Facebook and/or Twitter

A winner will be selected at random on Tuesday, November 8th.


  1. I don't usually eat cereal but in my coffee I use silk!

  2. I use 1% milk when I make overnight oats.

  3. Great giveaway! I use skim milk in my tea every morning - and sometimes almond milk.

  4. I'm currently a fat free milk and cereal kind of girl. But when it comes to my lattes, I am a soy girl at heart. I need to stock up on all the different flavors (and try almond/coconut milk) that soy has to offer. I remember falling in love with soy milk at 8th continents's chocolate soy milks first sip :)

  5. I would love to try out Silk with my cereal! I already use soymilk in my cereal every morning, but am interested in how the coconut milk would taste.

  6. I usually don't comment on these things, BUT...I LOVE Silk's Vanilla flavored Almond milk on my cereal and use it every day! I like to put it in oatmeal as well. I think the cereal bowl is super handy and it would be perfect to take to work with me at night!:)

  7. Depends on what kind of cereal and what kind of mood I'm in. I always have Silk vanilla and skim milk on hand and use one of them.

  8. I usually use unsweetened vanilla almond milk in my cereal. I think the almond is more subtle than the coconut milk and works more seamlessly with the cereal. That cereal bowl is awesome - perfect for on the go!

    P.S. I know you usually don't do animal products anyway - but if you did ever want to try real milk again - I've been trying out raw, unpasteurized milk this week and my tummy is totally loving it! I normally can't do cow's milk (lactose intolerant), but raw milk has extra enzymes in it (that are normally killed by the pasteurization process) so it's easier to digest. I don't know if I'll stick with it forever, though - I like that almond milk has extra calcium & fewer calories!

  9. For cereal, i put in 2% milk. (The rest of the time, i drink skim in my cup!) runner_girl5k at yahoo dot com

  10. i liked Silk on fb [username karen r m] runner_girl5k at yahoo dot com

  11. We use 1% for everything in our house

  12. Silk almond milk is in our fridge right now! I found it months ago and LOVE it. It makes cereal and oatmeal taste so much better!

  13. I actual drink the Almond milk but unsweetened. I haven't tried the coconut milk yet.