Acts of Kindness

I forgot to share this when I saw it last week: There are great ideas for random acts of kindness that you can do yourself or with your kids.

I love some of the ideas, and here is another great blog too! Inspired last week, I picked up a leaf from the YMCA to donate 2 jars of gravy for Thanksgiving. It just helped me to think that it's nice to help others, even if in a small way.

What random acts of kindness do you take part in?

It's marathon week, and I'm back and forth on whether I'm actually fit to run this thing. The weather forecast - now calling for 60s - looks like it's on my side. Just knowing what I'm getting into (by knowing the course and such) is not on my side.  After having the great long run on Saturday I felt like my body was hurting Sunday and Monday. I had a good run yesterday. My plan is to line up to attempt the full and depending on how I feel, I can always stop half way (which I think is a detriment about the course!) I'm starting to rationalize and feel like I'm sort of crazy for even thinking about doing another marathon 3 weeks after the first only because I'm pregnant. We'll see what happens!

I'm a big birthday party planner. I love birthdays and like planning themed out parties for the kids. Last year was trains, the year before was airplanes and I've been thinking about fire trucks for this year since his last birthday, ha!  Well, most of my friends are doing parties during the week within playgroup so I am questioning spending the money to have a firehouse tour and safety demonstration for less than 10 3-year olds. I'm trying to find a happy medium. Do any stations have free tours? That's what I'm thinking - I feel like the fire station would be pretty awesome. We're in limbo since we're renting and I would like to have the party elsewhere, so...that's where I am in party planning right now!


  1. I'll keep an eye out for you in the first half on Sunday!

  2. I have been saving all of the toys my kids get as gifts (birthdays, holidays, etc..) that they don't open and donating them this Christmas. My son's birthday is in January and I have been looking at different venues for his birthday, they are sooooo expensive. I'm not really prepared to spend $500 on a birthday party!
    I do believe firehouses offer free tours. We attended one last year and than the party was held at a different location.