Marathon Pics & recovery

I recovered pretty easily from my slow paced (for me) marathon!On Sunday I wasn't walking well after the marathon, and my calves and knees were KILLING me. My feet were too, right after.  I slept in and took off on Monday. On Tuesday I swam briefly and then did alot of stretching. Wednesday I swam again and was able to swim pretty hard, but my legs were tired. Today I was planning to do a spin class but then I realized there wasn't one so I ended up running 4 miles slow and steady. It felt fine, and I stretched afterwards. I feel like I recovered pretty quickly and I think it is because of my pace!

In my head, I'm actually considering running Philly (in 2 weeks) for another 5 hours of fun, but I'm not even sure how I'd structure the next 2 weeks. I don't feel like doing a long run this weekend so maybe I could skip that and just run for 2 hours next weekend? What do you think? I want my legs to be more fresh before I run long so soon.

Here are my pictures. I like the first one because I think my form looks good - except that right foot - supposed to land on my forefoot there. I'm glad I look upright and my shoulders back, but for the most part my strides look so short that it looks like I'm speed-walking in almost every picture!

good form?
power walking?
I love this expression and the dude to the right looks funny too!
determined to finish
I look tall
very short strides - like the thumbs up from the dude to my right
run run run let's not walk
happy with my buddy Nicole
smiling at the Capitol!
major fake smile
good spirits
I like these pics! :)


  1. That's great that you've recovered so well! If you decide to run Philly, I would definitely keep it short (~1h) this weekend and a 2h run sounds sufficient for next weekend.

    Nice pics!

  2. The pictures are great. I like your descriptions for how you were feeling at that point.

  3. You got lots of good pictures :-)

  4. Good pics! Hilarious captions!

  5. Crack me up with those captions!! Love the pictures too!

  6. lots of good pictures!! congrats on another marathon. hopefully i'll see you at philly!