I like this picture - it looks like he's about to hand bump me.

Today! was run.eat.sleep.run for me and eat.sleep. for Nick!

Interview on Runners Lounge!

Nick is 1 month old!

Today to celebrate Nick's one month birthday and the weather, I wanted to go do my long run at Valley Forge. I tried planning it ahead of time, but then it was a little chilly this morning so plan #1 was bagged. Also, I just felt like staring at him this morning when we got up! And playing. I think I took a bizillion pictures of him in the same pose.

Instead I ran on the treadmill while he slept (on his tummy!), and got in 7.3 miles.

He woke up, he ate, and I packed him up to go to Valley Forge
He looks angry!

for one loop (5 or 5.5 miles?) to get in a total of 12. It wasn't really a long run because there was a break in between, but I'll get in some long ones in the weeks to come.

I realized when I got there I wore the wrong shoes - my nike+ is on my Mizunos and I wore the Asics. I've been alternating them pretty well.

Valley Forge: This was like a resistance training workout. Holy Hills! First, it was not nap time yet, so he was not too happy to be strapped into his carseat. He fell asleep once in the car and when I moved him into the stroller he stayed asleep. 5 minutes into running he started wailing. I took him out and held him for a little bit, 2 cute little kids came up to him and said 'look at the baby!' They were really cute.
Thank you Mama Simmons - the snugglie was AWESOME!

I crossed my fingers and put him back in the stroller and he was in and out, kind of looking around, and finally dosed off.

I tackled the loop. It isn't too bad for the first part... but then the hills are amazing. Pushing the stroller and running those hills, I was sweating my a$$ off!! It was BEAUTIFUL out by the way. I was running so slow and panting. I think by the end I covered about 5 to 5.5 miles and it took me 57 minutes. I would do it again - it was great training, but I think my legs and upper back from pushing the stroller are going to be quite sore tomorrow!

The arch
some log cabins
Things learned:
I can't schedule a long run.
I probably won't be running outside with anyone WITH the stroller anytime soon!
I can go to VF and get a great hill workout for Heartbreak Hill!
Running hills + the BOB is really tiring!
It makes it much more interesting and fun running with a little buddy! Even when he's sleeping!
Running with baby inside w/ my sister is easier than running with a stroller, carseat and baby!


  1. What a pretty run! I can't believe it's already been a month since you had him! So glad he's doing well and he looks like a good running buddy. Congrats on getting in a great run and when I nannied, I used to use the bob and I DIED when I was running with it. So hardcore. :) You'll get great arms because of it!

  2. Glad you had a good run! It gets a lot easier... Pushing that jogger up hills makes you SO STRONG! :)

  3. When you race without BOB, you're going to fly!

  4. I always thought were I lived was incredibly flat until I started running with the bob. Hills are a lot of work with that thing!

  5. Great interview!

    I'm glad you still got out today to enjoy the nice weather. Tomorrow will be even better!

  6. Pushing that stroller and running must be like 2x the workout! Great job!!

  7. I remember feeling that way with the stroller at first, but it becomes so natural pretty quickly -- before you know it, he'll weigh 30 lbs., and you'll hardly notice :)

    and the fist bump picture cracks me up because my husband just taught our daughter to do that, so every time her swim teacher gives her a high five, she follows it by holding up her fist like a little thug.

  8. i used to play pick up soccer in that park in high school!

  9. Happy One Month Birthday Nick! Great pictures.
    Great interview at RL too!

  10. That is so cool that you can run in Valley Forge!

  11. Amazing run. Great pics. Nick rules!!!

  12. Well it stinks we couldn't meet up, but maybe sometime soon. If you ever want company, I don't mind slowing down for the lil guy :)

    Glad you got to enjoy the weather. Hasn't this weekend been beautiful?

    You are looking great btw, I can't believe you just had a baby a month ago.

    Also, I am totally starting the see Nicks resemblance to you and your hubby.

  13. he is sooo cute!! i bet that is an awesome workout pushing the stroller up those hills!

  14. he is ADORABLE! hills or not, the BOB is a WORKOUT!