Nut Butters and Day 4

Today was a busy day! Started with swimming - I dropped Nick in the infant room at the Y (Joined yesterday after weeks of deliberation) - I was sweating horribly doing this. Right decision staying home. I went swimming on Saturday with my sister for the first time since before Nick was born and again today. After the marathon when I have post marathon blues, I'll be swimming it up!!

We met Abby for a bagel (instead of a run!), stopped off at the Head Nut (local nut/dried fruit/candy store), stopped by my grandmom's and went for a walk.

As soon as Nick was fed when I got home from the bagel and grandmom trip, I dug into the nuts and made some nut butters. I started with pecan which became an obsession from reading this blog and more specifically looking at the picture! Then on to the peanut and the almond. The pecan was really smooth and spreadable. The other 2 The Pecan butter - really smooth

The peanut butter with flax and 1/2 of the pecan butter

were really rough and dry. What did I do next - I took half of the pecan and mixed it in with the peanuts and the same with the other half with the almonds. The result - spreadable perfect nut butters. I added vanilla and flaxseeds to the almond butter and it is divine. I forgot the vanilla in the peanut butter but added flax. Nick was my little helper and watched my every move! : ) It was so cute.

Here are the final butters. The one on the right is named AbmondPeacnut Butter and on the left is BePeacNut butter. They're named after Abby and Bess - Abby who inspires me with healthy eating and running and Bess who reminded me of the Head Nut which will be my new shopping expedition. I think I need better names but that's ok. Just for starters.

Maybe I will start a company of nut butters with my giant baby on the jar.

Would you buy my butters?

Here is the recipe for the rosemary bread. I might need to make more for the weekend!
Why cut fat the days leading up to a marathon? I don't even know - does anyone else? I read it in a coaches email for the Dana Farber team!

Tomorrow's thing - which includes drinking water, resting and cutting fat, will be positive thoughts. I'm not sure if I will get a chance to post before we pack up and leave tomorrow night. Since I'm doing all this prep (which I haven't done in a while since my last marathon was November 2007) I am starting to get nervous. I don't want to be nervous because I do so much better without that! So.. we're working on positive no pressure thoughts!

Here is a Stonyfield Giveaway! I'll have a review on their greek yogurt coming in the future!


  1. Don't be nervous. Your going to ROCK it girl! I know it. If you dont get a chance to post, GOOD LUCK and i can't wait to hear how you do! :)

  2. Congrats on joining the Y. That pic with Nick holding the PB is too cute. Youre almost there, just a few days to go!!!

  3. positive thoughts!!! dont be nervous, just have fun!!!! you are going to do great! i cannot wait to hear all about it!

  4. i love the nut butter/baby picture. how adorable!
    good luck with the big race; enjoy it and have fun!

  5. OMG, I would totally buy your butter with that adorable spokesman!

  6. The butters sound wonderful!

  7. Ha, I'm touched! And inspired - those butters sound fantastic. I've been wanting to find some canning jars or something for storage, and then I'll have to try them.

    Great to see you today, I can't wait to hear all about the weekend!!!

  8. I'm honored that I got a nut butter (especially pecan, my favorite!) named after me! They look delicious! I would definitely buy them. I am going to start a business to sell my granola, you can sell your nut butters (nutters maybe?) too!
    Have a great time in Boston! Can't wait to hear about it!

  9. Look at him in the bumbo! So cute :-)

    Sending you positive, no pressure vibes!

  10. Nut butters look great!! And how cute is Nick? That's awesome.

  11. I love, love, love that photo of Nick with the nut butters (they sound really good by the way!). Just wanted to wish you good luck for Monday (but you won't need it - you've prepped so much for this and it's an amazing achievement that you're doing it!). Looking forward to hearing your race report. Don't worry about the weather. I have only been a spectator at Boston, but even if it's raining people are still out cheering.

    Are you driving up? I can highly recommend the Panera in Greenwich CT if you're looking for a break - kind of makes the high way seem a little less longer. :o)

  12. That bottom pic is so funny. I would buy your butters, I've never had pecan butter and it looks yummy!

  13. Good luck! And those peanut butters sounds yummy but how do you not weigh 300 pounds having it all around? I'd have to eat all of it right away.

  14. Oh, homemade nut butters. Sound great!! the pic of Nick with them is too cute!

  15. ok 1... blasphemy someone put on my site they did not like naturally nutty...WTF.

    2... are the homemade butters cheaper??

    3.. YOU GO GIRL!!