I just poured myself a glass of milk and thought how obsessed I was with milk when I was pregnant. I did not even realize it, but I'd come home with 4 half gallons of that skim plus milk when it was on sale. I must have had 2 cups of milk a day, minimum.

Then there was Dove soap. I washed my hands like it was my business tons of times a day. I brought Dove soap to the bathroom at work so I could use it there.

GU - I ate GU when I was doing 3 mile runs, 9 mile runs, 12 mile runs. It didn't matter how long the run was. If I was running, GU was involved. My favorite was the chocolate mint seasonal flavor, followed by vanilla bean then chocolate outrage.

Butter and cheese. This lasted a little past Nick being born, too. English muffins slathered with butter with a slice of american cheese on top - not melted. It would get warm and soft and just be delicious. Toast with butter. Cheese on everything. I wonder if Nick will be a butter and cheese lover when he grows up.

When Bill's mom was pregnant with him, she ate peanut butter everyday(I do that pregnant or not). He loves peanut butter. And my mom eats chocolate all the time - and I HAVE to have a piece everyday. It makes you wonder if your eating habits get passed down!

Sometimes I kind of miss being pregnant, but then I think, holy crap, how can I be pregnant AND have a little one running around? How is that going to go down? Looking back, being pregnant with #1 was probably a cake walk compared to what it will be for #2... #3? Oh man. Scary. I kind of wish we had to go through it ONE time and then we could order the rest of our family. What do you think? I guess it is part of life and a neat experience.

What were your weird habits while pregnant?

Updates on various things:

I have dropped the ball on calorie counting. I try to think about it in my head but I just can't sit at the computer and type in everything I am eating. It takes too long and I don't have time!

Speaking of time, I feel like I cannot balance things! My plan on Tuesday was to get up and run before Nick woke up. Then he woke up at 11pm and was up until 12:30am! So I had to bag that. Today I did it - I got up and made it back into the pool. It felt good - but man, you lose that conditioning so quickly!! I was really praying Nick wouldn't wake up in the night last night - he didn't. Woo!


  1. With my first - it was ice cream. Couldn't get enough. Buy one get one free Turkey Hill was theeee best sale!

    With my second - everything spicy. I slathered everything with Tabasco sauce. I scared my hub's friend when I ordered the hottest wings for lunch then devoured them like they were nothing.

    Figures. My second child is an absolute firecracker!

  2. I ate a LOT of Annie's organic mac n' cheese while pregnant...I just bought some the other night to try on Nathan and had ZERO desire to have some (which is a first). I also ate a lot of cinnamon sugar toast. I loved it. It seems to me that a lot of the food that I craved were my favorites when I was a kid. I'm with you on not knowing how I'll handle it with another. I just met a mom that has a baby girl two months older than Nathan (13 months) and she is EIGHT MONTHS PREGNANT! AHHH!

  3. I didn't really have any cravings...but I ate a lot of peanut butter. Mostly cuz it was an easy protein and I LOVE peanut butter. OH wait, i craved the heck out of beer. I mean, really, really, really craved beer. I started drinking NA beer but that of course tastes like crap and stopped right away. I really hoped it would fix the problem. So I would make my hubby drink a beer just so I could have a sip. That was the most difficult stint of no alcohol...and I did two tours in Iraq without it :-) But wouldn't ya know as soon as he popped out I could care less if I had any. But that might have had something to do with being so tired! Ha!

  4. my habits while pregnant were more based on the fact that i went from only eating a slice of pizza b/c that truly filled me up to eating a whole darn pie. OR the Annie's mac and cheese, the entire box....i had the gestational diab. with both kids and was able to control with diet, which means i had to cut out a bunch of good stuff. i was very strict with my first but with my second i was more LAX and continued to eat reese's - my second is now allergic to peanut butter...makes me think i caused it...

  5. The only craving I had when I was pregnant was fish! Cooked anyway, I had at least 5 servings a week.

    OH man, I don't wish I was pregnant!! My pregnancy was awful, had constant low back pain. I dread getting pregnant again...

  6. Funny, my mom craved chocolate-covered molasses lollipops when she was pregnant with me (I saw them a few months ago at the Head Nut and got her one!). But I can't say I've ever developed a taste for them :)

  7. With Ryan I craved pickles (or anything salty) and frosties from Wendy's. So much so that I tried my hand at a recipe so I could save money.

    With Brayden I didn't really crave anything but the smell of broccoli made me vomit.

    My theory is either have them so close together so they could be twins or wait till the oldest will be 3-4 before the next one is born. 2 years apart is hard...bringing home a newborn when the terrible two's start. Not the brightest idea we had.

  8. Ha! I had to have milk too except mine was coffee milk (it's a RI thing). I had at least 2 large glasses a day! Funny how I haven't even touched it since!

    Don't worry about the next pregnancies and fitting it all in. I definitely haven't gotten it all down but there must be a way!

  9. Ah, cravings. I ate loads of fruit and would have been happy with a salt lick. There were these super salty lime potatoe chips I'd get once in awhile - so salty it made your lips hurt. I also drank a lot of milk...

    And babies. Claire is one and I'm already thinking: hm, sibling? But I'm also happy with the energy and balance I have (most days!).

  10. I gave up on the calorie counting, too. Too many numbers. Instead I've switched to counting weight watcher points. I'm right where I need to be if I wasn't exercising. It's really shown me that I'm not replacing what I'm burning. And it's also kept me away from peanut butter so far this week...that's a huge accomplishment!

  11. Ham sandwiches. That should have been my first clue I was having a boy - Wasser men love ham.

  12. I didn't crave much while I was pregnant, but I did eat a LOT more red meat than usual.

  13. I'll have to let ya know when i have a baby! hahahahaha :)

  14. When I was preggers all I really wanted was cereal or anything that came on toast. Especially beans and spaghetti hoops :-) I went completely off meat and fish. I really only eat chicken or fish, but I couldn't stomach it. I kind of miss being preggers too. Guilt-free eating!!