the one and only RECOVERY SOCK

So, I was very, very skeptical about the use of recovery socks when they started appearing on the market. $30 for a pair of socks? Really?

Marco at Recovery Sock sent me a pair of testers to try out.

The only patented compression sock - there are tons out there.

These socks:
-reduce lactic acid in the legs
-reduce swelling
-promotes recovery after a race or long run
-help prevent blood pooling in the legs
-relieves cramps

HOT colors and a HOT look :)

I have been putting them on after my long runs in training for the Philadelphia marathon and wearing them the whole day. Not only do I feel cool - I just love the look of shin guards like I was just in a soccer or field hockey game - but I have no lower leg cramps or pain. If only I could find these for my quads and hamstrings!

These are great! After not believing in these socks, they are now a part of my post long run routine. I've been seen in the grocery store & out and about feeling pretty cool with them as well. The fun part - they have great colors - hot pink, lime green, then gray, black, and white. You can find them at the link above for $34.90. I was a super skeptic but I believe in you, recovery socks!! ANd I like the look! Think I can wear them for the marathon? I definitely want to wear fun socks. Bring on the polka dots and stripe designs!


  1. With the way I've been feeling after my long runs I think I need to try these!
    I'm not so brave wearing them out...I'd have to wear jeans over them ;-)

  2. I've been wanting a pair of these but was a skeptic and didn't feel like forking out the dough :-). But now that I've heard a few people say they like 'em I might just have to get 'em. I totally could have used them last night when my joints and muscles were achy. The lower legs were hurting BIG time!!!

  3. Tim and I have been using compression socks since April. Not this brand, but we are firm believers in them!

  4. i have really tight calves and ach. and now it is causing shin splints. i am wondering if this would help that out ??

  5. Aren't they the greatest? I LOVE mine. I don't need the green ones (since I have grey and hot pink), but I kind of really want them. :o)

  6. I have two different pairs of compression socks and i love them BOTH! I almost bought a pair of recovery socks this weekend-- too bad no one at the expo would pay attention to me!

  7. I'm all about the compression socks as well. Especially when I'm traveling to races via plane. No feet swelling!

    And I read your previous post about the rest week as well. My advice, after being coached this past year, is to TAKE THE REST WEEK. Maybe you don't need to back it off all the way to 7 miles- maybe back it off to 10, but I promise you, if you back it off, your long runs the following weeks will be much better. I resisted my rest weeks most of the summer (but adhered to them), but the KEY to adapting to your run training is pushing your limits when you're ON, and then backing WAY off to let your body adapt.

  8. I've got friends who swear by compression socks. Like you though, my problems are always upper leg.

  9. I might have to get a pair sometime though you're right - socks for the quads and hams would be sooo nice. Mama Simmons has good advice about the rest week. Thanks for the information about grains - I'm stepping outside of the oatmeal/rice/couscous box!

  10. oh NICE! And, yes, these are the best. I worked the Expo @ Chicago Marathon this weekend with Recovery Sock (one of my sponsors)!! Recovery Sock only had black, white and grey when I started talking to them and I told them, "YOU ARE Kidding, what do you want the girls to wear?" I told them PINK (#1 seller) and lime green and purple. They have yet to do purple. I am so glad you enjoy them!

    I am going to link your blog to the owner in Italy, the Sales Rep and the guys in Tucson (warehouse).

    ENJOY! :) Jennifer Harrison

  11. I've never tried these "official" compression socks, but I've been using generic ones, and I think they're fantastic. If you figure out how to apply it to quads and hammies, definitely let me know!

  12. I'm a huge fan of my recovery socks and think they work wonders after a long run!

  13. Thanks for the review. Love the green!

  14. LOVE THESE SOCKS! And you are right, I always feel so cool when I am wearing them.
    Also, you can wear them during your marathon. I have contimplated it before myself, but I swear, when I am running towards the end of the marathon, my motivation is that I get to ice bath and then put on my cozy recovery socks! It's a great motivator! :)

  15. I cheat & use the compression socks from the hospital - I use them during my shifts because I noticed that my legs felt so much better at the end of 12 hours if I had them on.

    I saw you're kinda looking for Gu alternative - I just read someone who uses natural honey for marathon fueling. Haven't tried it yet, but was planning on giving it a shot on my last long run.

  16. I love my McDavid compression pants and leg sleeves. They don't have socks, but I am happy with these two!!

  17. My coach is sponsored by Recovery Socks and I have a pair and love them. I just bought some pick ones for my sister for her Chicago Marathon recovery. I totally think you can wear them for the marathon.

  18. compression socks do feel soo good. i'm not quite sure if i think they really fulfill all their magical claims, but they are comfy and my legs certainly don't hurt worse so i'll keep sporting them :)

  19. I never knew socks could do such things.

  20. I think Recovery Sock booth in Chicago was busier than ever .

    Previous weekend in Twin Cities was much slower as new/old concept of compression socks does not catch on equally fast in all parts of the country.

    I run/ride/race/walk/sleep in them and at Interbike in Vegas some celebrities walked away with a pair ( or two).

    I wear lime green at bike races ( mainly cyclocross) and solo rides9 to be visible)

    I own quite a few brands but Recovery Sock seems to offer the best bang for the buck as the quality of yarn used in them is superior to many other brands.