Faves of 2009

Here's the stuff I tried and then bought or fantasized about buying it:

Amazing Grass chocolate powder - using this now daily in my protein shake.
My only question is how many servings of fruit and veggies (if any) is in one serving (scoop)?

Greens Plus Chia seeds - these lasted forever and I need to order more. They weren't some crazy tasty product just have fantastic nutritional info so I loved adding them to everything!

- they are all I use now.

Lazy Baker Cookies
- I tried the oatmeal spice one but I ordered chocolate chip, brown sugar pecan and double chocolate as christmas gifts - lucky them!

Nuttzo - good stuff - loved all the seeds in the nut butter

GoLite bag
- have been using it ever since I got it.

GU: Something with GU and being pregnant for me - I have a problem. I use GU no matter if I am running 3 miles or a long run or on the way to swim. Pom blueberry chomps & Vanilla gingerbread - faves.


2nd place -
Dave's Killer bread - awesome but all the way across the country so I can't get it
Boomi Bar/Prana Bar - totally into these but eat too much nut butter as it is


My favorite baby products of the year:

Levana Video Monitor - privacy isn't an issue (you won't see another baby in your crib due to a crossed signal), it is clear and does a great job.

My Bob stroller (ironman) - next up - the dualie?? I think I'm going for the revolution this time so it can be my all around stroller

Graco Blossom High Chair
- love it!

So today, I definitely would have had more nice looking things to photograph for my meals!
Lunch was a delicious veggie burger from Costco which I shared with Nick and a falafel ball from there too! and some leftover bulgar and lentils with tofu. Dinner was broccoli /cheese egg white quiche from Costco - we hit that place up today! Breakfast - Cheerios, snacks were basically the same! :) Maybe I'll do another day of photographing food soon, but really, who has time!?


  1. i want a go light bag! SO BAD!!!

  2. I was all about the Wrightsock until I met the Smartwool sock. Now I know true love ;)

  3. I really need to get moving and try some wrightsocks!! Those cookies sound really good too.

  4. I love me some Gu and Wrightsocks.

  5. we have a Bob Ironman and have done 30 miles a week, every week, for the past 3 yrs in it! and it's still looks brand new...those things rock. You get what you pay for with Bob's, love em!

  6. I really need to step up and order some of those Wright socks - I just hate spending more than $10 for less than six pairs of socks? Cheap? Maybe!

  7. It's getting close. How goes the party planning?

  8. I've heard great things about Wright socks, but still love my Balega socks so I've never tried switching.

  9. i LOVE my wright socks and golite bag!!

  10. I'm still trying to decide which BOB stroller to buy . . . the Ironman was the frontrunner at first, but I think maybe the Revolution would be better so I could use it anywhere. I can't wait for spring :)

  11. I got very excited looking at the BOB stroller, but can't find a UK stockist - will have to do some searching.

    I have a question, but if it is too personal please don't feel obliged to answer. How did you cope with breast feeding and running races - particularly marathon distance - are your boobs not agony? If you express, how long does that give you till your boobs 'fill up'! I have a (see blog)penchent for very silly distances and am trying to think about how to plan my post baby races!