Party Planning 101 and travel

Tomorrow we are headed for our first hotel stay since Boston: 9 months ago! Nick is bigger now and I am anticipating a night of little sleep. We'll see if he surprises us. We'll be reading books in dim light by 7pm - ha! We're meeting friends that have a 6 month old that we haven't met yet so I'm pumped. And! We're going to the Brazilian steakhouse up there. I LOVE that salad bar. VEGGIES! I hope I like them tomorrow - I am that place's moneymaker as a vegetarian.

Travel and food for baby?? Nick's food routine is pretty regimented - breakfast is grains and veggies and fruits, lunch is yogurt, dinner is usually finishing lunch or more of breakfast or hummus sandwich - I've also tried pasta, scrambled egg... anyway, for traveling, I bought some jars of earth's best since we are staying in a hotel w/o a refrigerator. It's only one night so that should be fine but - what do you do for travel and food in this case?

Party Planning!
About 2 weeks to go

Nick's shirt - I just have to sew this on. I have the Carter's birthday boy shirt in case of a mishap/alternate outfit, and I'm wondering if I can just hot glue this on? hah. I know I'm going to screw it up attempting to sew it. Thanks shellyrm for the blue background all around idea!

3 tiered cake holder, wahoo. The middle things don't look awesome but I couldn't figure out what to cover the blocks in. This idea came from Chari and was a great one - I couldn't find what I needed and wanted to do cupcakes on the bottom 2 layers and Nick's little cake on top. I hope it doesn't tip over!

It is made out of 3 circles of styrofoam, covered in scrapbook paper (top) and wrapping paper (bottom) and the sides were covered with ribbon. Add in 2 boxes between layers (also styrofoam) and cover them in wrapping paper.

Airplane theme taken too far: Arrival sign for door coming in. Departure sign for door leaving.

On the to do list:
Make Nick's cake to test (no sugar)
Bring invite to bakery to get them to match airplane for guest cake
Make cupcakes
CC Cookies for parent favors
Finish Nick's shirt
Hang up signs
Buy more plates, party cups, and order food!


  1. Thanks for the yoga retreat kudos :)

    your little boy has gotten SO BIG since ive been over to your blog...wow!!!

    travel and babies. hard. And what to eat for them. hard. Im still nursing. And at 9 mos was totally still full hog wild nursing so that was always my "back up" but not sure what to tell you...other than it's hard and Ive been there!

    Vitamix vs. Blender. You asked in your prev post. I have to say, there is absolutely no comparison and once you go Vita, you'll never go back. your instincts are correct, they are amazing. I will just leave it at that as to not make you salivate for one :) I waited 5+ yrs to buy mine, thinking i could do without. And finally did it 18 mos ago...life changing.


  2. I love the arrival and departure sign!! Are you handing out peanuts, too?? :-)

  3. Man - you are really creative with Nick's party :) I didnt do anything creative!

    As for travel, we havent done it in forever but we are going to Mexico in 2 weeks. I have NO CLUE how to do it with a toddler ... but we will also be in the room for the night at 7PM. Good luck!

  4. I love your blog and esp recipes. It cheers me up and makes me feel optimistic and motivated!
    You and your family are in my prayers.
    warm regards,

  5. Have fun tomorrow! i love your party theme and your such the planner! its so cute!!! :) i cant wait to see how it turns out!!! the shirt looks awesome! if i lived closer, i would sew it for you!

  6. all of your birthday party things look great! how fun!

  7. wow, you're way more ambitious than I was for his birthday :-) I still have to plan his 2nd birthday and that's coming up this next week!

    About traveling...we traveled a lot and always used jarred baby foods until he was old enough to just eat what we ate. I'd always order something healthy anyway and have the veggies cooked extra long so they were soft enough to eat. Is he eating eating fruits and veggies on his own now? Bananas are obviously an easy travel food....packaged applesauce. You can always bring a cooler (assuming this is a driving trip) and keep refreshing it with ice. Then you can bring your yogurt and stuff.

  8. Traveling food for kiddos. I have to admit I allow more less than healthy snacks when we travel. But fruit travels well. Take a small cooler with an ice pack for your yogart just fill the cooler with ice at the hotel and everything stays fine. Only pack what you'll use.

    The shirt looks awesome! Thanks for the mention. Use stitch-witch before you sew it. It will keep it from bunching up on you.

  9. Everything looks wonderful! What an amazing experience you are making for him :-)

  10. You're so crafty! Everything looks great.

    Good luck at the hotel... I hope Nick sleeps for you and that you enjoy your veggie-loaded dinner!

  11. You are sooo crafty! I love Denise's idea of handing out peanuts! Have fun on the overnight trip! :)

  12. Very impressed with the decorations!

  13. Wow, you're quite the party planner! Wanna do Norah's in about 7 months?

  14. Your party planning is so impressive! Can't wait to see pictures of the big day :)

  15. sounds like a great party! you are so crafty! i'm sure it will be a blast for all!

  16. I love all your crafty stuff. Nick is going to have a great party!

    Thanks again for the tempo bars. They were still good and I loved them!

  17. You're a good mom for making Nick's birthday memorable. That was one of my goals as a mom, to create memories. Take lots of pictures! I only got one or two pictures of Nathan at his birthday party b/c I was so consumed w/ making sure everyone had a good time.