Protein and Attitude

How much protein do runners need?

According to runner's world, 1.0 to 1.6 grams per kilogram a day (or .45 to .72 grams per pound) of protein is sufficient for runners.

"Protein accelerates muscle growth and speeds recovery by helping rebuild muscle fibers" - RW

How do you get your protein?

As a vegetarian(but not vegan), my protein is likely to come from:
protein shakes
egg whites (on occasion)
almond butter /nuts
high protein cereal (kashi go lean)
protein bars

Bread has protein - pick a good one with high protein content. Oatmeal has protein. Most grains have a nice amount of protein.

Over the past 2 days I tracked protein and tried to be aware and had right around 100 grams which is at the max end for my weight. I was not getting that much, maybe 60-70g without thinking about it.

What is your attitude towards working out?

There have definitely been times where I have looked forward to a long run (with friends), a swim, or a race. When I am done working out, almost all the time, I feel great. That high is what forces me out of bed to workout. However, I would say the majority of the time (lately) I feel like I HAVE to work out - if I don't workout, I feel guilty about it and I don't feel entitled to have a smidge of ice cream or a few cookies. I definitely work for that high that comes mid to late workout, and the feeling that I get at the end, but for the most part, who really wants to work out? Would I rather lay in bed and sleep? yes. But 2 hours later I'll be pissed that I did and not have the high for the day... what are your thoughts?


  1. I always get pissed at myself if I am lazy and don't get out to do my workout. I KNOW I will feel better, but that doesn't stop me from procrastinating! I wish I was one of those motivated people who always did a 6 mile run at 5 a.m. so they didn't have to think about it for the rest of the day.

  2. It depends on the day: some days I really look forward to my run while there are other days that it feels like a chore.

    But, isn't that true for nearly every aspect of our lives? Exercise is just one more element of a full life that requires near-daily maintenance -- just like work, marriage, parenting, friendship, housekeeping, etc.

    You definitely sound as though you need a break from it, though. Taking a step back for a week or two might help you return fresh and rested and able to appreciate what exercise does for you. And before returning to it, perhaps aim to make a list of the reasons you enjoy it and what some future goals are that are related to it (that go beyond weight loss or weight management). Or, instead of returning to what you normally do (like swimming and running), maybe try something new. That may renew your interest in physical activity!

  3. Very interesting post. I know that protein is extremely important, but I never really questioned just how much. Thank you for the formula to calculate the necessary protein grams by weight. Makes me appreciate all the milk I drink!

    Take care!

  4. I've been having to push myself a lot to work out. But I've been trying to have a goal of increasing my running endurance, though there are some days that I just don't feel like running-- So, I may do something less strenuous. When it's cold outside, I think it's even harder to work out, b/c I just want to curl up under a blanket and watch tv!

  5. While studying for my personal training cert I did a post about how much protein we should get. I'll look it up again for you. I know I'm getting a TON more now that I'm doing the eat clean and pairing a protein with each meal. But what it really comes down to, I think we need a healthy balance of everything...in moderation.

    I love to work out and do it because I love it. I'm getting past the feeling guilty if I don't because I think I earned a few days off after all the hard work I put in last year. I feel like crud if I don't work out. I can honestly say that I would work out all day every day, if I could. I just love it. Wish I had more time for it.

  6. I agree with Jess. Most of the time I look forward to working out but I really have to be mindful to mix it up or else I get really bored. I know that mentally it is going to be really hard for you but I am almost certain that taking time off would not change your body all that much...unless of course you eat a pint of ice cream at every meal. I just got over strep and took 4 days off. It killed me mentally but my body needed a rest. Once I focused on resting my body I was able to get excited about my workouts. It comes and goes in waves though...it never hurts to take a break especially when you feel like you do!

  7. Bwah ha ha! You are too much - thanks for putting up the info!! :)

  8. just this week when i meet with my health guru she went over protein and how much we need and how to get it other ways then MEAT. at first i thought she was going to tell me she thought i was not getting enough but she thinks i might be getting to much protein and still need more veggies/fruits in my diet. she is probably right.....it is very interesting to me.

    exercise, i finally feel like it is a lifestyle for me, not a chore or even a habit. it is a choice each day and i know that it is the MAIN thing I do all day that is just for ME, it makes me feel good. i have been more apt to just head to the gym even on a day where i don't have to - and just work out b/c i know it is something that feels good. yes there are times when i just would rather not, usually on the weekends and i do give myself a break.

  9. I felt like that when I was pregnant- like I HAD to work out... I didn't get the same joy out of it as I do now and I think that's bc now at least I can set goals to get faster. When I was preggo exercise was just so I would go crazy and get too fat. :( Def not as much fun.

  10. I very rarely want to work out or look forward to it, but once I get going I almost always enjoy it and I'm always glad it got it done.

  11. when i work out solely with a focus on weight loss I can get very mad if I dont' go and it makes me sometimes not want to go. but when my focus is feeling god and what not, then I always want to go

  12. Other than testing workouts and some swim practices, I actually do look forward to training. Part of it is because I see it as a way to get faster and achieve my goals and I honestly don't know what the other part of it is.

    I'm excited to try the black bean slider recipe below. Since we've been doing the vegetarian thing I've been really pleased with a lot of the new recipes we've tried out.

  13. Everytime I sit and eat peanut butter out of the jar, I justify it as "I need the protein".

  14. I guess i dont really focus on trying to eat that much protein. I just eat whatever and go with the flow. :)

  15. I am usually protien lite. I need to watch more.

    I am always very disappointed in myself if I miss the opportunity to run. Always. I wish I was more flexible because being so ridge only adds to my stress and that is not healthy!

  16. I'm not vegetarian at all, & when I tracked my protein/carbs for a while, it looked like I was way over on protein & sorely lacking in carbs - what an eye-opener!

    And same thing with missing workouts - I hate myself when I miss a perfect opportunity to work out for no good reason.