I've been getting headaches! I think that I am thinking too much. I am really good at causing self-induced headaches and I've been getting them everyday.

I keep thinking - what would it have been like if it was just the 3 of us for 2 or 3 years? Now that I'm on top of Nick's schedule and finding ways to have some time to myself, and getting the hang of everything, wouldn't that have been nice for a while longer? (But at the same time, I know then it would have been a hard decision of whether to take the 2nd year off from work with Nick or save it for later).

Do people that go back to work have it all? Or are they even more torn for time and all over the place (for instance, I find time to scrapbook, workout, and blog - could I do this if I was working?)

Are cravings in my head? I cannot deal with vegetables unless they are cooked by someone else with olive oil/butter - so that they don't even taste like vegetables. All I want to eat is crap and carbs!! Potato chips (which I NEVER eat) are now in my house, I've been having ice cream almost every night! I could eat pasta, bread, butter and cheese at every meal (besides the cheerios for bfast).... What is WRONG with me!

I was looking back to when I was pregnant with Nick, and obviously I had more time on my hands, and I went into the pregnancy being much faster, but I was running more miles and hadn't started sucking yet!

I AM EXTREMELY TIRED. The only signs of pregnancy that I have are that I am super super tired, have weird aversions to things I eat all the time, and feel bloated/ +5 pounds all the time. I don't remember being this tired with Nick but by 4pm, I am ready to pass out. Makes it hard to get up to go swimming but I'm determined to do it 2x a week.

The last thing I'm thinking about is rejoining my old gym. I did yoga there and pilates, and they have a so/so daycare. I'd feel comfortable going for about 1/2 hour? Maybe build up to an hour? There is just one large woman watching all the kids - so maybe when Nick starts walking and getting around on his own? Hmm. We belong to the Y but my membership is free since I teach the swim lessons, so I wouldn't mind picking up my old gym (3 minutes away instead of 15 for the Y) as another way to get out and work out!


  1. I'm not normally one to get headaches, but I got wicked ones when I was pregnant with Moana. Right around 12-16 weeks was the worst. So hang in there. I know it sucks.

    I would guess you're more tired this time because you've got an 11 month old that you're chasing around. As hard as pregnancy is, it's gotta be 100x harder when you've already got one to take care of!

    And um, the cheese/butter thing.. I was ALL ABOUT THAT when I was pregnant! I'm surprised I didn't blow up into a huge blimp with as much of that as I ate while preggo. Ugh. Hang in there!!! This too shall pass. ;)

  2. AGH...free Y membership?! I'm dying of envy. I had forgotten I use to have free membership when I taught swim lessons in high school. We need an indoor pool here so badly it's ridiculous. There is not one within an hour radius of here. I would love to teach lessons and coach swim team.

    I've never been in your preggo shoes, but I'm absolutely sure you shouldn't stress about your cravings/exercise routine. You eat healthy and are more in shape that at least 98% of expectant mothers so I think it's fine to relax!

  3. My god I hear you! I had horrendous headaches from weeks 7 to 15. At first I thought it was because I felt so cold all the time and therefore felt very tense all the time. Also It didn't help that all I could do all day was lie on the sofa so my posture was rubbish. Looking back I think it was basically hormone hell causing them, all. As for the fatigue I was sleeping 12 hours a night and then laying all day on the sofa!(I had to take about 3 weeks off work as between the fatigue and all the bugs I caught I was floored which being self employed was a nightmare and caused more stress!) One night I managed 14 hours! Now I average 10 hours which is exhausting as I have so much less time to get everything done!

    I was exactly the same about the veggies and in T1 all I could fancy was pot noodles or tinned meatballs - what the hell? I couldn't eat them as I have severe wheat and cow's dairy allergies and so I would be even iller, but as for gluten free toast and dairy free margerine - my god bring it on! Morning noon and night! I am very tiny and I think baab just wanted me to get some lard on my ass so that it was safe!!!! Also it did make me sit up and think about my calcium levels and so now make sure I take a calcium supp.

    I think that this pregnancy is just different for you - everyone I know says each preg is different and so perhaps it would be easier for yourself if you just don't compare them. (A friend of mine was floored for 6 weeks in her first - no vomiting but ME type fatigue, but her second was a lot better with actual vomiting but could get out of bed)

    AS for being slower already running - I went from completely on fire to immediately a sloth which was rubbish until I couldn't do anything at all - prob good thing as now I am excited about 35 mins! You did 11 miles the other day - be proud!

    I am self employed, so to have a business I will have to go back to work - I am hoping to get 6 months off the teaching and doing some paper work from home. I am terrified that it will all work out and would love to just be able to be a stay at home mum. I'm worried about getting frazzled and being kak at work and as a mum, but I guess it will all work - perhaps for everyone the grass is always greener - who knows.

    I think you are doing just great - I totally understand your worries - I had a bad day the other day when I was struggling to feel nice in any outfit I tried on, but really I think you are doing everything you need to do!

    Take care,


  4. I have a 11.5 month old son as well and I am a full time teacher. I love my job but it is hard at times to find time for me. I bought a treadmill this past weekend so it will be easier for me to exercise at home. I have a Y membership but have been slacking since being back to work. I dont want to put my son in the daycare at the Y after having been at daycare all day while I was working. So I'm really hoping having the treadmill at home will get me back on a normal schedule.

    I was on maternity leave from late January until late August. It was great and I miss being home but I needed to go back to work because of $$. I figure I was lucky to be home with him as long as I was.

    I say enjoy the next year at home with your son and your new baby. There will be plenty more years to work. I hope your headaches get better.

  5. You have been thinking a lot! I am a thinker too and it can drive me crazy. I am a firm believer that you can have and do anything and everything you want, but you have to learn to compromise and make sacrifices.

  6. My friend suffered from horrible headaches during the middle part of her pregnancy, too. Sorry you have to go through it! hopefully they go away soon!

    And like others have said, so what if you're slowing down. You still managed 11 miles at what, 14 weeks pregnant? Seriously!! That's amazing in itself and give yourself a pat on the back for getting out there.

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  8. Yes, you are thinking too much :)

    I just rejoined the gym for the winter... It's nice to have, but I don't have to worry about the daycare situation, which I can see being a pretty big deal. Maybe it's worth at least checking it out again?

  9. I had a lot of headaches when I was pregnant, especially in the first 16 weeks or so, then they passed.

    And as far as the going back to work, I think that either option (staying at home or returning to work) is tough and each has its pros and cons. You just have to do what feels right and what works well for you and your family.

  10. OHHH!! I completely missed your pregnancy announcement when I was away. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  11. Based on everything you say - I think you are having a girl! And if you have headaches now, just imagine when she's a teenager.

  12. Since hitting the 2nd trimester, I've been having lots of headaches. Some weeks are ok, then others it seems my hurts for days. Yep, I vote girl for you too:)

  13. I bet the headaches are from your hormones right now. Plus you are tired because you are taking care of a quickly growing little one plus helping a new one grow. And working out, and taking care of a house, and family and and and.

    Give yourself a break. Set mini-goals for your day. You will probably get past the very tired stage.

    The eating is par for the course in pregnancy. Try and stage active. You know you will feel better if you do. Good Luck.

    (From a geographically-single mom of 3 who still breastfeeds and works fulltime.

  14. Most headaches and neck pain are due to the shoulder blades sitting too low on the trunk. There are muscles attaching from the shoulder blade directly to the first four neck vertebrae and skull. When the shoulders sit too low, these muscles then pull on the neck bones and skull causing neck pain and headaches.
    Here's a quick, simple test to see if this is the case with you. If you're having right-sided neck pain or headaches, raise your right hand and place it flat on top of your head for 20 seconds. Make sure your head doesn't side-bend or rotate to achieve this. If your pain diminished after this test, then your scapula may be sitting too low causing your discomfort. This is easily correctable. This is also the culprit in diagnoses such as thoracic outlet syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome.
    Good luck!

  15. sorry about the headaches. maybe some yoga would help if it's stress induced??

  16. I'm sorry about the headaches. I'm not pregnant and i think too much too. :) Hopefully by getting things off your chest, your headaches will be minimal! :)

  17. I ate nothing but Pop Tarts and Lucky Charms my first trimester (Haven't eaten them since high school). Then, around 15 weeks, I didn't want them anymore.

    Pregnancy makes you eat the weirdest things.